How to ignore the person

How to ignore the person

In most cases people are interested in a question of how to draw attention of the ignoring person. But they are sometimes forced to think of ability to ignore someone who shows persistence and impudence. By the way, a question not so idle because sometimes neither polite refusals, nor a direct talk, nor rough attempts to tear off communication help. If you came to a conclusion that only the lack of attention to a certain person will allow to break off with her the conflict relations, it is necessary to work.

It is required to you

  • The majority of methods of ignoring of the unpleasant person come down to establishment of a distance – social, psychological, emotional or geographical. Let's consider these options.


1. Begin with creation of an emotional distance. Before undertaking some measures, try to distract, calm down. Learn to perceive the persuasive adviser or the boyfriend coolly. It is the most difficult, but the most necessary type of a distance. Especially well helps with a situation when you are forced to communicate with the person quite often. For example, if it is the mother-in-law in whose apartment you live, the annoying schoolmate or the unbalanced colleague. You learn to perceive its "arrivals" kind from outside. Present that you the director of a picture where your offender – the main character. If he begins to provoke and enrage you, think from what foreshortening it would be good to remove a situation that emotions of the offender offended, observers and so forth were visible.

2. Try to establish a psychological distance. The essence of a psychological distance consists in ability to divide understanding and acceptance. You can understand strange desires of the colleague, but not accept them as admissible for yourself. You are able to understand councils of the elderly relative, but should not accept them as the instruction to action. And you will need time and patience for learning to inform of the position the person. And you say: "I respect your point of view therefore and therefore, but I will make in own way as I consider that it is so more correct for me personally".

3. Use pressure of society for influence on the offender. It is worth resorting to a social distance if it is impossible to realize the first two options. For example, if the former spouse is a brawler and the drunkard, dangerous to society, it is necessary to use pressure of society and influence of official instances to protect himself from its actions. Softer option of creation of a social distance – change of a circle of contacts. Change a social circle on in what your offender has no access. If you initially treat different layers, make access to your circle impossible for it. The social circle is a certain community in which the entrance to strangers is complicated. It is not always good, but in your situation the society can close doors for the improper person, having facilitated you a break with him of the unfortunate relations.

4. If all measures described above do not help, establish a geographical distance. It is a radical method of a solution and it is worth resorting to it as a last resort. For example, if the woman was the victim of domestic violence, sometimes it is possible to pull out it from family of the husband tyrant only due to creation of a geographical distance. The victim should disappear in literal sense for a while, having changed both the addresses, and phones that her persecutor calmed down and ceased to pursue it. The physical distance with the offender is necessary not forever. Often there is enough half a year that passions settled and you could return to a way of life, habitual for yourself.

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