How to improve the relation with the daughter

How to improve the relation with the daughter

When the girl matures, her perception of the world cardinally changes, requirements of mother seem silly and ridiculous, and girlfriends get a great influence on the daughter. To improve the relations with the daughter, it is necessary to realize first of all that speaking with her as with the child, you will wound her vanity. There is a certain secret etiquette of communication of parents with teenagers.


1. You speak with it, as with the coeval, confidentially, as equals. Only then the girl will not begin to move away from you, seeing in you the adult girlfriend with whom it is possible to share intimate.

2. If you cannot see in your daughter the adult who needs to be respected, then attempt "it will not be possible to play friendship", and insincerity will only aggravate mistrust of the girl to you.

3. Communication without reproaches and notations - the best line of conduct with the teenager. Do not reproach that it wants to put on too short skirt in school, and quietly explain that this skirt is intended for a visit of club with the company.

4. If your words caused aggression and roughness from the daughter, you should not answer the girl with the same, and to answer quietly with advantage.

5. It is not necessary to abuse or praise the daughter at strangers. Your laudatory speeches can engender vanity in the girl, and if you begin to sort out the relations at guests, it will spoil, rather not her reputation, and the - in the opinion of her friends.

6. Support the daughter in difficult situations more often, periodically repeat, a formulation of to what you want to accustom her, but do not reproach if something goes not as you expect that.

7. Listen to opinion of the daughter, it will give her feeling of responsibility for decision-making. If she is right, be not afraid to apologize.

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