How to improve the relations after the quarrel

How to improve the relations after the quarrel

In human relations not everything happens smoothly. Even the closest friends or the most loving and careful spouses can quarrel. And, how often happens in such situations, the conflict can erupt because of the absolute trifle which even is not costing mentions. In the heat of a quarrel the people sometimes tell each other a lot of very offensive and unfair. How to correct consequences of a rash act?


1. Of course, it is a pity if there is family discord. But, as the philosopher told: "Even the genius can be mistaken, but only the fool persists, without recognizing the mistakes". In other words, if reached a quarrel, then it is necessary to be able and reconcile.

2. Try not to put reconciliation away for later. Believe, the more time will pass after the quarrel, the it will be more difficult for you to return the former relations. As soon as there passed the first fuse which was replaced by confusion and bewilderment if a remorse began – safely take the initiative. Without waiting until the first step is taken by other party even if you consider that all fault for the incident lies with it.

3. You remember: extremely seldom happens so that one participant of a quarrel – a real angel, and the second – a fiend. As a rule, both parties are guilty of the conflict. The popular wisdom says: "the first step to reconciliation is taken by the one who is cleverer". Draw conclusions.

4. Analyze, it is desirable – objectively and impartially, the cause of conflict. If you are not able to do it, offer "opponent" something: "Let's understand quietly because of what everything happened and as it to avoid in the future. I very much regret that we swore, and I do not want to make more the same mistakes". It is difficult to refuse such offer. Your opponent for certain and itself is sorry about the incident, and here you, it seems, recognize the wrongfulness, though in a little "neutral" form, clearly let know that you value your relations and do not wish to put at their risk.

5. Women should abstain in every possible way from what powerful "weapon" as tears. Yes, the type of bitterly crying girlfriend will confuse any normal man, will wake up in it feeling of pity and fault. It, on the one hand, can promote reconciliation. With another – the man will feel all the same strong moral discomfort, it conceded, having given in to "unfair" reception. Besides, if to resort to this method repeatedly, it will begin to irritate the partner or he simply will cease to pay attention to it.

6. The clever person studies on others mistakes, the fool does not study even as the. After reconciliation took place, do not put your relations on new trials.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team