How to improve the relations with the brother

How to improve the relations with the brother

The family is both happiness, and problems, and joy, and tears. At brothers and sisters the special relations, with rivalry, with mutual assistance, with jealousy and love are formed. Many keep in this psychological contact all life. To have an opportunity at any time to address the brother, it is necessary to overcome disagreements if they are available for you.


1. If your relations with the brother at some point began to develop incorrectly, try to correct a situation, dear people have to be close each other. Having become adults, you leave a native home and enjoy separate life. Happens and so that only leaving of parents brings together children, leads to closer communication.

2. You should not bring to such option of succession of events, think how to improve the relations with the brother now. Leave the last conflicts where they will safely be forgotten. You need to meet and to talk frankly. Have a talk on neutral subjects, listen to the brother, ask on his life. If the conversation about old offenses comes, tell that children's and teenage nonsenses are forgotten long ago.

3. Perhaps, you will cry and will laugh together, but your relations will reach the new level of adults, people native each other. Be exempted from scars on heart, having told the brother that you love it. You will find again the friend and the person who will always come to the rescue, and it never is superfluous.

4. Do not lose touch, you call the brother regularly and consult about his life. Tell about what happens to you, ask him council. Get used to the idea that you have a loved one to whom you can let into the secrets.

5. It is necessary to acquaint the young man with the brother before with parents. He will help you not to make mistakes, will prompt something useful, he knows everything about life of guys of its age. If the brother likes your beloved, you can communicate in some companies, make friends with his girl.

6. Further do not forget to invite the native person to holidays and parties when you suit them. Often thus there are good traditions to celebrate all significant dates together. Continue to be on friendly terms families when you turn on them. Try that your children communicated more.

7. Always you remember that you with the brother the dear people also have to support each other in any situations, and it is easy to correct the conflicts which sometimes happen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team