How to improve the relations with the girlfriend

How to improve the relations with the girlfriend

You have a beloved girlfriend with whom you spend much time, share the pleasures and grieves, only with her you can relax and distract completely from vanity of modern life. But once you notice that the relations not such already good as were earlier. Perhaps, between you there was a quarrel, and can you just began to move away from each other as it or you had some other interests. But at the same time you do not want it to lose absolutely.


1. The best that can be made in such situation, it simply frankly to talk to the girlfriend. Perhaps, you something offended her, but did not notice it, and the conversation will help to find out it. And, perhaps, she has just now so many cases that there is not enough time for something else. Show an initiative in communication even if your meetings are not such frequent as earlier, but interesting and memorable.

2. If your quarrel became the reason of the spoiled relations, then take the first step to reconciliation, especially, if you were not right. Many people are afraid to be reconciled the first as they consider that this they show the weakness, spinelessness, etc. But think that it is more important for you: your pride or your girlfriend?

3. If you decided on straight talk, then carry out it in a soft, polite form. Tell about how you lack communication with the girlfriend as you worry because of a quarrel that you would like to return the relations to the former course. But do not fall to rudeness at all, do not accuse the girlfriend even if there is her fault, do not remember old offenses. You only still aggravate with it a situation. All claims need to be stated correctly and mildly.

4. If you see that the girlfriend does not make contact, then you do not press on her, give her time to cool down and rethink a situation. Through some time try to improve the relations again, and, perhaps, she with you will try to make it, only in this case do not push away her, motivating with the fact that it was necessary to be reconciled earlier.

5. Ask for the help the mutual friends. To them, most likely, too it is awkward that you do not communicate with the best friend as it affects relationship in the company in general. Perhaps in this situation it will be easier for your girlfriend to listen to opinion of third-party people, than to yours as she is offended by you.

6. Think and whether it is worth restoring the relations with the girlfriend in general? Earlier you had many common interests, subjects for a talk, but over time all people to a degree change. Perhaps you did not notice how you became with the girlfriend people absolutely foreign each other? The family, life, work changed your interests and hobbies. Whereas you would not try, it will not be possible to return the former relations to you, unfortunately. It is possible only to try to keep the relations at the friendly level, but to you it is not necessary to count on something bigger.

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