How to increase the level of hormones of joy?

How to increase the level of hormones of joy?

is endorphins?

Endorphins are the hormone produced by an organism which forces us to feel happy, in other words happiness hormone. Except good health, endorphins make us more vigorous, optimistic and also eliminate pain. Endorphins are 10 times more powerful than antidepressants. Low level of endorphins can cause a feeling of depression in the person. Naturally the level of endorphins is increased by physical exercises and the balanced food.

The products stimulating production of hormones of joy

The healthy nutrition plays an important role in increase in level of endorphins. The unbalanced diet and deficiency of vitamins reduce the level of joy hormone. There is a set of the products capable to improve your health and to stimulate emission of endorphins:

  1. Strawberry.

Strawberry is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It perfectly brings toxins out of an organism. Besides, substances which contain in strawberry stimulate production of endorphins.

About medicinal properties of berries, at t. h strawberry, read on LifeGid: We are treated by berries!

  1. Grapes.

Grapes are also rich in vitamin C. Together with glucose and fructose, grapes improve health and stimulate production of endorphin.

  1. Oranges.

Oranges are rich with antioxidants, vitamins B and Page. Oranges also positively affect production of endorphins.

  1. Bananas.

In bananas there is a lot of potassium. It strengthens nerves and receptors. Also in bananas there is a lot of fructose which renews energy stocks.

  1. Pepper.

As on strange, pepper also increases amount of endorphins. According to results of researches, the spicy food, the more endorphins is developed.

  1. Chocolate.

Even the small piece of chocolate is capable to work wonders. It is the most popular source of endorphins.

Exercises for production of endorphins

Any physical activity interfaced by a plentiful potovydeleniye is a good stimulator of production of endorphins. With increase of a warm rhythm the production of happiness hormones begins. There is a mass of different types of physical activity therefore everyone can choose that he will suit it best of all. For example: dances, driving the bicycle, yoga, swimming, aerobics, a jump rope, parkour, tennis, soccer, basketball, a paverlifting, driving on skates and rollers, etc.

Here some options of in what it is possible to be engaged are presented. Experiment and you will surely find what will be ideal for you!


Perhaps you noticed that on sunny days the mood is lightened. Sunshine promote production of endorphins. Vitamin D is formed in skin as a result of influence of sunshine. It also stimulates production of joy hormone.

A great option – a combination of physical exercises and sunlight – sports activities in the fresh air. Results will surprise you!

Laughter or how to lighten the mood

Laughter promotes production of endorphins. If you have a bad mood, look at the comedy or a comic show, and you will at once feel much better. This way always works. Begin to laugh and smile even then when you do not want to do it, and you will at once feel happier.


To become happier, the relaxation will help:

  1. Meditation. You will need only 15 minutes a day to cause an endorphin boom.
  2. Yoga. Also good means for relaxation.
  3. Walks. Will allow to get off a bad mind and better to feel.
  4. Massage. It is a wonderful way to indulge themselves and to improve health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team