How to induce the husband to help about the house

How to induce the husband to help about the house

Many men, refuse to help the wives about the house, it a women stuff. We break stereotypes. How to induce the spouse to help about the house?


1. The man it is necessary to accustom to help about the house from the first days of joint life. After several years together, the husband will get used to comfort and a cosiness which maintenance did not demand its participation long time. To teach the spouse hardly will help about the house.

2. Try to leave to the husband homework, housework, and leave for the whole day on the affairs. Probability that the spouse will manage to make all charged to him is small put, he will only be surprised how you manage everything to be in time. It will force the spouse to respect your work and to watch itself independently more. This quite good beginning.

3. Many women in vain wait until men show an initiative and to rush to help about the house. Even transparent hints do not work with them. If the help with the house is necessary for you, directly ask your spouse about it and the loving husband with pleasure will respond to your call.

4. If the man helped you once, do not wait for him an initiative. Remind of household chores, that you do not cope without him with something. Do not load the husband with several instructions at once, gradually add a duty and over time the spouse will get used to help you independently.

5. Do not force the spouse to be engaged in unloved business, let will choose to himself business on taste. There are enough household chores, provide it the choice. Let is engaged in what at it turns out best of all.

6. If at the spouse something did not turn out as it is necessary, do not abuse and do not criticize. Better quietly remake. It is so possible to discourage easily. Better next time show as it is correct, the spouse will try and everything surely will turn out.

7. Surely you thank the husband for the done work. The praise is important for men, even for the smallest feats. You praise the spouse, so you will be able to support desire and further to help you.

8. Never do man's work. First, it can be unhealthy, for example, to raise weights, and secondly, the man has to get used to carry out the direct duties, it forces to feel important and necessary.

9. If arrangements and soft requests do not work, do not do anything. Take care of the own life, the personal records. Most likely, the man will give up, unwillingly, but will make that you want from him, but without special enthusiasm therefore you should not resort to this method often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team