How to invite to a lunch

How to invite to a lunch

The family tradition to gather on the day off for a lunch is known since far times. Now, when many family members and friends live at sufficient distance from each other, the invitation to a lunch and its carrying out can involve some time expenditure.

It is required to you

  • Phone, Internet.


1. Use by all means communications. Inviting the guest, surely report date, the exact time and the venue. Usually this family action, but both close friends, and acquaintances can be invited to it.

2. Do not specify in advance the reason for which the family lunch is organized. Sounded a bit later, it can become a pleasant surprise for guests. Usually it is a cozy and house small holiday, but sometimes it can be postponed for the territory of restaurant or cafe.

3. Write on business cards several lines with the invitation to a lunch if for some reason you cannot phone. Official invitation letters, as a rule, are not distributed to relatives and close friends. But sometimes for the invitation of guests in a playful form it is possible to use also this method.

4. Ask the guest to report as soon as possible about his presence during a lunch. It is demanded by good form and the hostess will be deprived of difficulties concerning volumes of the prepared dishes and table layout. Besides, if presence someone from guests is cancelled, organizers of the event will be able to orient and invite in time other guest who needs to report about the forthcoming meeting in advance.

5. Inviting to a lunch, surely tell guests in what clothes it is better to come. It is important if in cafe or restaurant the rules concerning appearance of visitors work.

6. Accepting the invitation, do not forget to answer the same. It is clear, that you will not be able to invite guests to a family Sunday lunch if you the lonely person. The invitation of owners or their children to a cup of tea or coffee will be quite appropriate. It is possible to thank hospitable friends, having invited to the Birthday or for any next holiday.

7. Carefully treat structure of invited. Transplanting them at a table, try to pick up to each guest the suitable company, being guided by interests and preferences. Strongly depends on it how pleasant will be a lunch and communication.

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