How to issue a wedding

How to issue a wedding

The wedding is one of the main family holidays therefore it has to be very beautiful and be remembered to you and your guests. By means of different types of registration the celebration of your wedding can ""transfer"" you and guests in to very beautiful atmosphere of a holiday which you will remember all life.

It is required to you

  • Tapes
  • Fabric
  • Balls
  • Posters


1. One of beautiful and extraordinary ways of decoration of the hall for the celebration of a wedding - a decor tapes and fabric. For this purpose satin ribbons and easily draped fabric will be necessary for you. The amount of fabric and tapes depends on quantity of tables and the size of the room which needs to be decorated.

2. Then tapes twist backs of chairs, or magnificent bows are tied. Usually drape with fabric a table of newlyweds or the guests of honor. Also fabric can be used in the form of a drapery of walls.

3. Also one of the most popular types of a decor on a wedding - balloons. Spheres can be bought, to inflate them before a holiday and to hang out independently. Only it is necessary to consider that if you inflate balls - it occupies rather large number of time.

4. It is also possible to buy thematic wedding posters with wishes and to hang out them over places where guests will sit.

5. If you had not enough time, or you cannot come to consensus in the choice of jewelry of a wedding, it is possible to invite the special agency for registration of your holiday. Usually these agencies offer various options of registrations of holidays, for every taste and according to your budget.

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