How to join the new company of friends

How to join the new company of friends

New friends are always a new impression, new emotions and new adventures. It is plus, of course, a set. But to become "" in foreign company happens not so simply as it is already developed collective, with the settled rules. However, process of adaptation can be softened if to take some advice from the field of social psychology.

It is required to you

  • - literature on social psychology.


1. Be natural and friendly. Never try to prove to be that whom you actually are not. Do not attribute yourself those qualities or abilities which actually you do not possess. The lie, even small, always becomes obvious and will only incite the company against you.

2. Show readiness to make contact. Be not afraid to ask questions of interests and habits of possible future friends. Only find "golden mean". The persistence and too private matters can only irritate.

3. Be benevolent. However do not forget about personal borders. Desire to help new acquaintances – it is excellent. The main thing - from the volunteer assistant will not turn the ordinary person "at the beck and call". Here friendship comes to an end. Therefore learn to speak "no" if the request is contrary to your personal interests. The ability to behave with advantage will only be increased by the authority.

4. Having got acquainted with the new company, try to fix the relations at once. Certainly, if they are interesting to you. Do not refuse a joint sit-round gathering in cafe or friendly parties. Try to show an initiative and to organize a campaign to some interesting place.

5. Be not confused. Remember that you are surrounded by just the same people, with the complexes and problems. Their only difference from you, that they know each other long ago. Means it is necessary to try to correct and know it them also well.

6. Undoubtedly, you have some talents. Do not hesitate to disclose them. Only, besides, without persistence and without sense of superiority. Talented people always attract interest and respect.

7. One more moment. If you constantly try to enter into the new relations, but over and over again nothing leaves, think what your personal qualities can serve as a hindrance. Ask acquaintances as from outside it is often more noticeable. Having found out a problem, begin to work on yourself, using literature on social psychology. Always it is possible to gain new qualities and to become really interesting personality. And then, perhaps, others will already think of how to be pleasant to you and the company surrounding you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team