How to justify oneself before the girl

How to justify oneself before the girl

The situation when the girlfriend can take offense, become angry about the guy, happens quite often. And the young man sometimes even does not know that he made it and than caused her discontent. He sees and understands only one: his darling not in the spirit of, she accuses him of something, demands explanations and apologies.


1. Try to define whether it is worth beginning a conversation right now or it is better to wait a little until she calms down. If the girl is strongly angry, is in power of emotions, all your arguments and justifications can simply pass by ears. Then postpone a conversation until more right moment.

2. Even if you do not understand why she is dissatisfied, can tell, of course: "Please, sorry, I am very sorry that I upset you". Like, well you will do, this weaker sex is emotional why not to meet halfway. But thereby you automatically admit the guilt. And the girl for certain will remember that you are ready to do it if she is not in good spirits. It will hardly do your further relations good.

3. Better to say approximately such words: "I am very sorry that you so were upset. Please, explain in what the reason. If it turns out that it because of me, I immediately will apologize and will draw necessary conclusions". The girl could not object to such arguments. Of course, she can from the principle pokapriznichat: like, it is really so difficult to guess most? But, after all, will explain an essence of the discontent.

4. Attentively, without interrupting, listen to darling. Also try to understand. Alas, guys and girls because of differences in physiology and psychology absolutely differently look at the same. What is very important for the girl can seem nonsense, an insignificant trifle for the young man and vice versa. But even if its claims will seem you that nonsense, try not to show it. And already especially, do not laugh. You very much will offend the girl.

5. Try to answer its claims in extremely accurate, polite form. Assure that you still love it that did not want to cause it offense, mental anguish at all. Simply there was a misunderstanding: you did not understand each other. And after that it is already possible to show generosity and to apologize: "Of course, I should have been more attentive, tactful. Then you for certain would not be upset. Please, excuse!" As a rule, reconciliation will not keep itself waiting long.

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