How to keep calm?

How to keep calm?

Not everyone individum is an owner of nerves of steel. The excessive emotionality and aggression are capable to lead to sad consequences. However, it is the in most cases person very difficult most to cope with suddenly gushed feelings of rage and indignation. Such negative rushes of emotions can lead to adoption of the wrong decision or to rash and unconscious actions.

How to keep calm in stressful situations?

The quiet relation to any circumstances is capable to keep nervous system as to, and surrounding society. Keeping calm guarantees control over emotions that promotes further reasonable power consumption. For this reason in our mad vital rhythm many ask a question how to learn to keep calm.

For this purpose, not to give vent to negative emotions, it is necessary to try to observe the following councils:

  • in any stressful cases it is not necessary to exaggerate a negative. It is necessary to think that you are rather strong to endure unpleasant situations without excess nerves;
  • try not to share with people the problems as the sympathy from an environment is capable to increase nervousness and panic;
  • try to exclude the irritating factors, create necessary conditions for ensuring relaxation. It can be a quiet melody, the muffled light, walk on air.

How to keep calm in a conflict situation?

In life rather often there are situations when it is necessary to keep self-control. At keeping calm it would be in most cases possible to avoid approach of conflict situations. There are several main ways of suppression of anger during the conflict:

  • it is necessary to keep fingers in the straightened state, but not to clench fists with a force;
  • it is necessary not to give in on provocation, not to raise the voice, to respond to shouts quietly, but distinctly and accurately;
  • if you know that not to avoid a conflict situation, it is necessary to be prepared in advance: to drink soothing, to keep equal and quiet breath.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team