How to keep family if the husband the strong and masterful man

How to keep family if the husband the strong and masterful man

Practically all marriages are created on love. But happens and so that people are often not similar in character. Sometimes such unions break up almost at once, sometimes - several decades last, bringing discomfort in life and the relations of couple.

Having registered the marriage or living a civil marriage, spouses after the buketno-candy period often see the future family life in bright paints. Sometimes couple suits one another in all spheres of life (relationship, mutual understanding, life, sex, joint rest). But happens that in the presence of love the people cannot get on in any way. Constant scandals, quarrels, abuse, half-words, offenses. And all this on some trifles. Trifles can be household (the wife put a mop not there or the husband scattered socks), trifles can be and psycho-emotional (not so smiled, did not focus attention on a conversation). Unfortunately, all these trifles very much heat a house situation and can bring even to a divorce.

All these disorders can be referred to power vampirism when people "are fed" from each other through abuse. But frequent it is just incompatibility of characters.

The husband is a head of the family. And, naturally, gets money, tries to direct members of household. But sometimes he very much is fond of this rukovozhdeniye why family members suffer. And it belongs to many spheres of family life.

If the wife housewife, then becomes heavier to solve any family problems. The spouse limits herself in freedom, not only staying at home (for example, on child care), but also in the financial plan. She should "listen spellbound to the husband", asking money for any trifle for herself or children.

Naturally, some men in this regard feel even more significant and use it. Not the most pleasant moment. But in that case it is not necessary to lift scandal because of not bought thing or a product. It is necessary to sit down and explain quietly to the husband that this thing is very necessary and it is necessary to get it as soon as possible. It is necessary to show tranquility and patience, understanding as hard it gets money and what hard work for this purpose should be performed.

It is necessary to try to bring to the man that in the emotional plan it is very heavy to stay at home, and leaving and education of the child are the work which is taking away both physical and emotional forces too.

Quietly discuss each appeared problem. The strong, imperious, characteristic man, can react to some situations very violently. In this case, it is necessary to get it together and quiet (but not instructive tone) to try to calm him. What advantage will be from if both spouses in shouts prove the case? To consensus, it will hardly be possible to come, and here nerves both will have vytrepana.

Be quiet, adequately react to attacks of the spouse both on proved, and on just his explosive character. Someone from two should concede and be a little more loyal. Somewhere it is necessary to keep silent, somewhere - not to reproach with what that. The man by the nature the getter and dominants. Play with him this game. Let he will feel even more significantly for you, it is more necessary also lyubimy. Be wiser and remove the ambitions. Talk more often, discuss quietly problems. Try to understand each other. Also endure the "explosive" emotional moments, applying to them warmth and caress, and all this to happy family life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team