How to keep fire in the relations at distance

How to keep fire in the relations at distance

The love at distance is possible only when partners sincerely trust each other. It is important that they not only supported, but also developed the relations. Synchronous reading books, listening of audio recordings, discussion of movies, etc. will become a great option.

It is required to you

  • The mobile phone, the device with the webcam


1. The love at distance is a continuous daily work. That the passion did not die away, lovers have to feel each other, share the emotions and think daily of that great moment when they are able to meet. Mentally to become closer to darling, tell him about each trifle which happened in a day about the slightest difference of mood or a problem at work. As often as possible communicate by phone, and it is better – on Skype in the video call mode that not only to hear, but also to see the soulmate.

2. Learn to trust the partner, the love at distance most often destroys jealousy. Avoid the aspiration to control the soulmate, it can cause offense and misunderstanding from its party. If in soul suspicions hid, at once ask darling to explain current situation, do not accumulate a negative which can become the gap reason.

3. Continue to develop common interests, the relations should not stand on one place. For example, read at the same time same books, you watch movies and telecasts, then surely you share impressions. Synchronize the organizers that the nobility, than at any given moment darling is busy. It will help to feel support and mental presence of the soulmate.

4. Be on a positive wave, do not fixate yourself on negative aspects of the relations at distance. Use free time for achievement of achievements in career or realization of the conceived ideas. Motivate the soulmate to do the same that at a meeting to please each other with new achievements.

5. You speak about the joint future more often. It will help to realize that experiences and sufferings will not take place for nothing, after all, there will be a long-awaited meeting, and new happy life will begin.

6. Try to visit each other so often as far as it allows financial position. Grab each chance to see darling, make the schedule of visits and adhere to it.

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