How to keep good relations

How to keep good relations

Any couple dreams of that the romantic attachment lasted eternally, but so occurs not always. From time to time people face discomfort in mutual communication and understand that in the relations there was some problem which needs to be solved. How it is correct to work to keep good relations and to competently overcome together the appeared difficulties?


1. If you feel that you between you and your partner appeared misunderstanding, try to identify them. Understand why the proximity began to leave and what problems began with. Try to talk quietly to the person, to discuss current situation. If he makes contact, perhaps, the problem will be exhausted. However people make contact not always therefore you should have patience and to wait for a right moment for an informal conversation.

2. Often problems in the relations can arise because of your own illusions – you should not believe that the feeling of love will accompany you for the rest of the life. At the same time you should not be afraid of the mutual conflicts – concealment of a problem leads to a gap and therefore the conflicts need to be exhausted, splashing out energy and aggression to the positive course.

3. Try that in the relations there was no stability and stagnation. Stagnation leads to fading therefore in your relations always there has to be something unexpected and unusual.

4. One more rule of preservation of good relationship is confidentiality. If you quarrel, and you have problems, do not take out them out of borders of the house. Nobody except you has to know about them, even parents of the husband or the wife. Your conflicts concern only you, and only you have to find a way of a way out.

5. Be tolerant to the partner, learn to understand and accept his shortcomings, estimating his advantages. Do not try to re-educate the partner – it does not lead to anything good. Only those couples which accept each other such what they are start strong and durable families.

6. If you felt crisis approach, do not press in yourself offense and rage. Surely speak everything that you feel, in a quiet and reasonable conversation with the partner. Only mutual understanding between people and also mutual personal growth is led to the fact that the relations become really strong.

7. Be not afraid of sudden quarrels. Periodic transitions from peaceful co-existence to the conflicts is a norm for healthy family as transitions from a quarrel to reconciliation strengthen the union.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team