How to keep love in the relations

How to keep love in the relations

It is not enough to meet the love – it should also be kept. Unfortunately, often happens that the love is dissolved in household trifles, daily problems, a family routine – and several years later from former warm awe there is no trace left also. And some couples live together for years – and their attachment becomes stronger every year.

1. They say that the majority of divorces takes place because the woman hopes that the man in marriage will change, and the man thinks that the woman forever will remain same. Therefore one of main rules which will help to keep love is on the one hand, not to consider the partner by the property and not to seek to change it "under itself", with another – to remain itself.

2. You should not seek to be the unseparable couple which is constantly holding each other by hands. It is important to continue to be interested not only the spouse and family, but also himself – the desires, requirements, interests. Otherwise in several years you will find out that except the house and life you are engaged in nothing and that you have nothing to tell darling, and your family communication came down in discussion of the menu for dinner and trip terms to the mother-in-law.

3. You hold a distance. Yes, the husband and the wife are a whole, but after all it is worth remembering that there are things "intimate" and that the personal space is necessary for each person. Therefore you do not go on the house in such look in which it is a shame to open a door for the stranger, keep some small secrets – and surely allocate for each family member an apartment corner where it is possible to be alone. Or at least a personal shelf in a case where it is possible to hide the surprise which is laid up by a holiday.

4. Do not blackmail the partner with refusal of sex. Girls are especially inclined to refuse love caress if they are offended or did not receive the desirable. But the physical love is an act of mutual trust and to turn it into an additional argument in a dispute or in "great kindness" to the spouse – a direct way to murder of love.

5. Also do not forget "to confirm" constantly the love in different ways. It can be both words (praise, gratitude, compliments), and inexpensive gifts "without cause", and time found for the partner (talk, joint activity). And also gentle touches and manifestations of usual household care. At the same time for different people different things can appear significant – therefore it is important to understand that for your partner most pleasantly: a kiss at parting or the made breakfast.

6. At last, you remember that all of us are people and that joint life with any person can hardly resemble an infinite holiday. All of us sometimes are ill, sometimes we are tired, are sometimes quick-tempered, and hardly on Earth there will be a person with ideal character. But any problems arising in joint life can be solved. The main thing at the same time to respect the partner, to seek to understand it – and to be able to talk with each other. And the love will not leave you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team