How to keep love of the girl

How to keep love of the girl

The main fear of the lover – to lose love. This fear – the reason of jealousy and acts about which it will hardly want to tell, like shadowing, interception and reading others mail. Besides such behavior will not help to keep love.

1. You remember Immanuel Kant's maxim: "Treat others as you want that treated you". In the love relations it is especially important. Never criticize the girlfriend. If something is not pleasant to you in her behavior or clothes, state the remarks in the form of councils: "It does not seem to you that this dress hides your beautiful figure? So offensively – you is, than to be proud, but nobody learns it" or "Is just offensive for me for you: when you behave as yesterday, nobody will guess what you actually remarkable".

2. Never do comparisons with other girls, unpleasant for it. It is unlikely it will be pleasant to you if in reply she begins to list those numerous advantages which your friends have, and at you are absent absolutely.

3. Do not forget about dates, important for the girl. The speech not only about a birthday and calendar holidays. Girls – natures generally romantic. Perhaps, your darling remembers date of your first meeting and hopes that in a month or in a year and you will not forget about this anniversary.

4. Remember that the lack of attention of the girl is perceived as neglect. If you cannot meet darling, surely call her or send the SMS. Of course, at the same time it is necessary to observe a measure: 10 calls a day and messages each hour first can please, but over time, quite perhaps, the excess attention will begin to irritate.

5. Girls instinctively look for in the man a support who will become protection to it and her children, – such is their biological program. If you want to remain attractive to the darling, make so that she felt with you, absolutely safe. Play sports that the girl was not afraid to walk the dark streets near you. Try to get as much as possible useful household skills – the ability to repair any device, from a water tap to the computer, very much will ennoble you in the opinion of darling.

6. If your girlfriend is not too sure of herself, try not to give her reasons for jealousy – she can regard attention to other ladies as the crash of the relations. On the other hand the bright girl, the hunter at heart, can lose to you interest if it is sure that you from her will not get to anywhere. The attention to you from other women will force it to hold you closer to itself.

7. The personal carelessness and unpleasant household habits can even touch at the beginning of the relations. However gradually they begin to irritate and can shake confidence of your darling that not on light of the guy it is better than you. Remember that the etiquette and good manners are thought up not to complicate life to ordinary people. On the contrary, observance of rules very much facilitates cohabitation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team