How to keep the love

How to keep the love

People who fall in love for many years, especially for the rest of life are happy. But, alas, quite often loving couple begins to be weighed upon the relations over time. More often there are mutual claims, quarrels. And then the being beloved decide to leave. Not to get into such gloomy situation, it is necessary to know how to keep love.


1. Remember that also you, and your partner – not innocent angels, but ordinary people who have both advantages, and shortcomings. Do not wait from the partner of too much and try to treat his misses, oversights indulgently.

2. Be self-critical. It is properly natural and clear that your opinion seems to you the most correct. The same concerns desires, tastes, habits. But it is not necessary to consider it an indisputable truth even if it is about things which you really very well understand. In any situation try to listen attentively to opinion of the partner, to reach reasonable compromise. And somewhere it will be better and to concede.

3. Always you behave, keep advantage. Do not allow pejorative, offensive tone, communicating with darling even if you have a reason to become angry about it. As it is paradoxical, but absolutely strangers sometimes treat much more validly and more tactfully, than relatives. And the tactlessness, roughness kill love.

4. Recognize the right of darling for personal space where it is impossible to interfere without the permission. You treat with patience his hobbies, a hobby even if they to you are unclear and are not pleasant. Do not check without demand its correspondence, the list of the entering and outgoing calls in the mobile phone. Do not demand that he devoted each free minute only to you, it is simply selfish.

5. You praise more often and less often criticize. You are sincerely grateful to darling for gifts, the help. You remember the miracle force of kind words and a tender smile.

6. You watch the appearance, appeal. First of all, of course, it concerns women. But also men have to work out, follow rules of personal hygiene, watch a condition of a hairstyle, skin, nails. It has to be pleasant to partner to look at you.

7. Be engaged in self-development, try to learn, find as much as possible to yourself new hobbies. Otherwise, if darling about you knows all, communication with you can bore him.

8. Do not neglect intimate aspect of life even if your communication lasts many years. Dissatisfaction in sex – the frequent reason of cooling and unfaithfulness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team