How to keep the relations after long years of marriage

How to keep the relations after long years of marriage

For many years marriage, long accommodation in one territory, life and material difficulties with time, unfortunately, lead to cooling between spouses. Having caught the soulmate, partners do not want to work on the relations any more, cease to surprise, make small gifts, to look after, etc. Similar meets quite often.

That the family remained, and the relations gained novelty, it is necessary to follow several basic rules.

Estimate the appearance. The marriage is not an occasion to throw beautiful linen and fashionable things in clothes, to cease to keep a figure and a hairstyle, to visit the manicurist, etc. A daily fashion show in a dressing gown and hair curlers will quickly damp the elect's ardor.

Make a surprise of darling/darling. It is not necessary to wait for a suitable occasion, it is possible and to arrange a romantic dinner among a week, to postpone all affairs and together to watch some movie, to get a small gift, just like that, without cause. Also the surprise scale, the main thing is not important at all, to surround with attention and to let know that the loved one is still dear and we love.

Have a heart-to-heart talk. Having felt cooling from the soulmate, you should not conceive about a divorce at once. The informal conversation, without shouts and charges, perhaps, will clear a situation.

Find the general hobby. Nothing so brings together spouses as common interests. It is enough to pick up that occupation which will be to liking to both: it can be anything: joint visit of stadium (when the favorite team of the husband plays), collecting of brands or magnetics, etc. By the nature the women are considered as more flexible therefore it is easier for them to become addicted to hobbies of the spouse.

Diversify intimate life. When people long are married, they cease to hesitate in a bed, to have complex concerning imperfection of a figure or behavior during proximity, and it is fine. But over time and the joy of habitual intim can cease, and, then role-playing games, a sexy underwear, execution of a striptease and so forth are used. It is not necessary to hesitate to prove, flirt and make advances - it will give the chance to the spouse to feel to young people and to fall in love anew with the spouse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team