How to lead the guy to a business trip

How to lead the guy to a business trip

Sometimes guys should go to long business trips on work. Such trips are too tiresome therefore girls try to see off the darlings, arranging them surprises.


1. If your beloved goes to a long business trip, first of all you have to help him to collect all necessary to the road. Wash all things which will be necessary for him. It can be several shirts, trousers, ties and jackets. Do not forget about underwear, socks and clothes which he will wear in house conditions (in hotel, hotel or on the rental apartment). You have to iron all clothes carefully and put accurately in a suitcase.

2. Besides, personal hygiene means will be necessary for your guy. Collect to him to the road soap, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and a toothbrush, Q-tips, disposable machines, shaving foam and the calming gel after shaving, a deodorant, napkins, handkerchiefs, toilet water and toilet paper. If the business trip is very long, do not forget to put cuticle scissors. It is also necessary to assemble the charger for the mobile phone and a small first-aid kit for first aid. It usually includes anesthetic, headache pills, from belly-ache, febrifuge. If your young man has some chronic diseases, prepare also such medicines which will help it to maintain health normal.

3. After collecting is ended, you can devote time only to you to two. Give to darling romantic party. Make a tasty dinner, light candles (it is possible to use aromatic), turn on light music and enjoy with each other. As you long time should be far apart, try to make so that night before departure of darling for a long time to it was remembered. You can make to it the weakening massage, and after that dance for it erotic dance which will outgrow in passionate night of love.

4. In day of departure of your young man you should not be upset, cry and be nervous. Behave quietly. Remember that your soulmate endures not less, than you, only burdensome expectation is necessary to you, and he, besides separation from you, will worry because of a trip to others city and the work. Promise darling to wait for him and to miss, assure him of the fidelity and you carry out to the station or to the airport with a smile upon the face. During the business trip do not forget to call periodically the favourite young man, only you should not be too persuasive as you can distract him from work.

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