How to learn a name of the wife

How to learn a name of the wife

Christmas fortune-telling – a certain way to learn a name of the future wife. It is necessary to guess from January 7 to January 19, this time when the evil spirit opens all secrets of the future. Our grandmothers and grandfathers trusted Christmas fortune-telling, and, quite often, predictions were truthful. Many ways of guessing addressed to dried reached our days.


1. Go outside exactly at midnight and wait for the first woman passing by. It is obligatory to ask her name, will call quite so your wife.

2. Take several identical leaflets of paper. Write on them any occurred woman's names. Place all leaflets in opaque capacity, properly mix. Take out the first piece of paper. On it there will also be a name your dried.

3. Take apple and a sharp knife. Accurately cut off a peel from apple so that it did not break anywhere. Take a peel in the right hand and transfer her through the left shoulder back. In a form which was taken by a peel solve a letter. The name of your future spouse will also begin with it.

4. It is interesting to carry out this guessing in the big company. Take a frying pan, put it on a straw bunch. Put a small stone on a frying pan bottom. Each guessing pulls out on one straw, at this time the stone moves a little and makes a sound. Indoors there has to be a silence as guessing in a sound, the made stone, has to catch a name of future spouse.

5. Take several bulbs, write on them woman's names. Plant bulbs in water. Within several days watch that name bulbs which of them will arise the first, and your wife will carry.

6. Take a female thing. Write several woman's names on paper leaflets. Put all this before going to bed under a pillow. Get the first sheet of paper from under a pillow in the morning. This name of your dried.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team