How to learn about love of the guy

How to learn about love of the guy

Men are beings strange. Here he, the elect, sits next, looks fool in the face and what thinks of – not to guess. Or after all it is possible to lift the veil of secrecy? It is sometimes so important to know, the guy loves or not.


1. To learn whether the man loves, look narrowly at it. You monitor its gestures, behind what tone he speaks. If he has a tender affection for you, most likely, will try to impress favourably. For example, the intellectual will try to flash knowledge in the presence of the darling, especially if the potential competitor is near.

2. Pay attention to distance on which there is a guy, talking to you. The loving man prefers to be near the woman, sometimes even without realizing desire to come nearer. Do not forget also that its gestures, as a rule, are open, for example, if he specifies regarding, being in the distance, then palms of his hands are turned up.

3. Look in the man's eyes. You, maybe, will also not see love, but will be able to notice interest. If the look of the young man expresses universal boredom and boundless despondency, be sure that ardent feelings to you in his heart do not have the place. By the way, you should not rejoice and having seen a confident look - it is a look of the conqueror the, but not romantic capable of love.

4. Pay attention to how the guy behaves with other girls. If he loves you, then all others will cease to interest him (in any case, for a while). And of course he will not begin to make advances, respond with someone to flirtation. Why to it hundreds of new victories if they cost nothing in comparison with the only already perfect? If count for something, then it is not love.

5. Trust the feelings. The love of the guy can not be shown in some external signs, but at the same time to be strong and deep. Not all people live "for show", some try to hide the feelings, preserving soul against the cruel world. Time will come and the elect will tell you that it loves. You do not hurry a course of nature. Believe, everything will be good!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team