How to learn changes, the guy or not

How to learn changes, the guy or not

To learn whether the guy changes, it is possible on a number of signs of men's treason. Optional these signs have to be present everything, even one of them is capable to speak about possible treason. These rules are relevant for the relations lasting not less than a year.


1. The guy sharply, without the special reasons changed the attitude towards the appearance. Decided to replace completely clothes, went to the gym, at last began to take a shower 2 times a day.

2. Its attitude towards you was changed. For example, ceased to be jealous of everything or on the contrary, began to make rows to jealousy without cause. Perhaps, he began to load you gifts, flowers and compliments which were not earlier or on the contrary, constantly carps without cause.

3. Change of a lexicon, replenishment by its new expressions. It could pick up them at the new girlfriend.

4. Pay attention to a small and insignificant lie. Perhaps, the ends do not meet with the ends more often. Begin to ask questions and if he did not think up answers to them yet, pauses between words will become more.

5. He began to be late at work, and it is absolutely impossible to phone to him at this time. Business trips began or if they also were, their quantity and duration sharply increased.

6. Sudden appearance of the old girlfriend who can call at any time. Or it can be the fellow worker with whom he spends both working, and personal time, but with her at him "purely business" the relations.

7. Earlier he left or forgot the mobile phone in any place, and now it with it is unseparable. At a conversation leaves to other room, to it messages constantly come.

8. There were changes in your sexual life. Perhaps, he suddenly became an experimenter in a bed or on the contrary - sex became rare and monotonous.

9. You can notice the causeless increased expenses of your man. It is especially easy to notice it on holidays, for example, on March 8 or New year.

10. Pay attention to its car. Perhaps, you will find the forgotten things there, will notice a smell women's spirits or the provision of passenger sitting which suddenly changed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team