How to learn, eat at the husband other woman

How to learn, eat at the husband other woman

The husband suspiciously late comes home, you did not spend days off together long ago. On all questions he gloomy keeps silent, and you begin to suspect him of treason. Whether so it actually? There is a number of faultless signs which have to force you to prick up the ears.


1. Your husband began to watch the appearance too carefully. No, he was never a sloven, but this interest in fashionable men's fragrances obviously with an ulterior motive. And he chose new expensive shirt to himself, and earlier the clothes of the spouse were only your care.

2. It it is constant in good mood, often has literally head in the clouds, listens to you inattentively. So happens at the first stage of happy love. You already got used that the husband likes to grumble a little and carp at some trifle, but today at breakfast even the put too much salt fried eggs did not arouse his indignation.

3. The spouse it is precautionary it is gentle with you. It would seem, it is necessary to rejoice. But you long enough live together to understand that thus it can try to muffle the sense of guilt before you. Understanding that sooner or later the truth will come to light, he cajoles you in advance.

4. Its phone constantly strums the next SMS. Men in general not really are fond of this type of communication, but women in love adore sending gentle messages. Also the undertaken habit of the spouse to run out from the room with the mobile phone and to conduct negotiations nearly to the bathroom has to guard goodness knows where from (far away from foreign ears).

5. It had many new hobbies: now on days off of the husband of the house not to find. It appears, its occupations in fitness club last the whole day! Yes, he really became considerably brought more up. But after all not superfluous will be to learn the schedule of trainings. You can be engaged together how he will look at it?

6. But nevertheless the most reliable way to learn whether the husband has other woman - to ask it about it. It is worth resorting to such method only in case you are really ready to hear the truth. So radical courses not for you? Then just wait. It is difficult to hide a serious extramarital affair long, all secret will become obvious sooner or later.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team