How to learn, he to you has feelings or not

How to learn, he to you has feelings or not

You were lucky, near you the man of a dream, and, apparently, everything develops well. But he persistently is silent about the feelings. And, as the true woman, you begin to think that, probably, something not so if its attitude towards you – a secret behind seven seals. It is the in that case best of all to pay attention to how he behaves near you. Acts always speak better than the most pleasant words.


1. Observe how the beloved treats you. Whether cares for that to you it was good near him whether protects you or thinks and speaks only about himself. In the first case it is really possible to think that it is not indifferent to you. Allow it to show all the best qualities as the aspiration to help even if most it is inconvenient and unprofitable, concern on the loved one – obvious manifestation of feelings. But consider that the person concentrated on himself favourite – the egoist for whom own wellbeing above all, try to avoid communication with such men, with them you will always feel deprived of attention.

2. Check, how close to you he wants to be. If your man does everything to spend together much time, calls several times in a day, rushes to you as soon as possible and even the prospect of communication with your mother does not frighten him, so its feelings to you are very deep. Call it and offer an unplanned meeting. If in response to your offer, he says a heap of silly excuses, then will not call your relations love. If he meets you occasionally and only when it is convenient to it - most likely, he just uses you as a sexual object, from it you will not wait for love.

3. Pay attention whether he is able to concede. Lyubov demands from couple of ability to reach compromise, respecting feelings and addictions of the partner. If he is capable to move towards your desires, to refuse some settled habits, then he, most likely, not just sympathizes with you, but also feels strong attraction. Try to simulate such situation in which it should renounce the interests if before you had not to agree with it. It will help you to understand as far as to it your opinion is important and whether he is able to remove own desires at least a little back. You should not abuse its readiness to concede. Constant suppression of desires badly affects development of the relations.

4. Tell the elect about the dreams, tastes, interests. To the man in love the inner world of his darling is important. Besides, the found general hobbies will help you to strengthen the relations.

5. Connect the intuition, there is no such woman who would not possess the sixth sense. Watch it and draw impartial conclusions, and then its attitude towards you will become as clear as day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team