How to learn it is interesting to communicate

How to learn it is interesting to communicate

The person – a being social. Besides the needs for food and heat, he feels the need for communication. Your communicative progress depends on you. Are not born speakers: only continuous practice can make you the interesting interlocutor.


1. To learn to express thoughts logically and consistently you will be helped by a written language. Create the diary and state in it the impressions of what was seen around. In detail describe daily events. Such diary can be kept in electronic form.

2. To become the interesting interlocutor, broaden the horizons. Travel, read books, visit theaters, exhibitions, the museums. Meet different people, be interested in their life, hobbies.

3. You learn by heart verses. Read them aloud, expressively. It will develop at you sense of beauty, will broaden horizons and will help to improve memory. It is also useful to learn tongue twisters, proverbs. Jokes and quotes of the famous people can be interesting to your friends.

4. Rehearse the speech. Get up in front of the mirror, include record and conduct a monologue. You can tell the same jokes or interesting stories from your life. You monitor gesticulation and a mimicry. Try to tell about what will be interesting to the people listening to you. Preparing for a meeting of fans of fishing, once the lecture crams on study of the strength of materials.

5. Pay attention to the appearance. If in your shape something "sticks out" provocatively – for example, jeans full of holes, the torn-off buttons – will hardly listen carefully to you. Most likely, over you will play a trick, giggle. Therefore you have to look tidily.

6. Success in communication is achieved by those who are able to listen well. Do not interrupt the opponent, ask the directing and specifying questions, learn to empathize. Show to the interlocutor the interest, periodically nod and assent. But it has to look naturally, not affectedly.

7. Learn to allocate the main thing, both in written texts, and in the spontaneous speech of people. Summarize told by the interlocutor: "So, as I understood, your main problem is that …". This reception will make you the irreplaceable listener, will show to the story-teller that you listened carefully to his speech.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team