How to learn, loves or not

How to learn, loves or not

Often happens so that people love each other, but are afraid to admit it. To learn whether the person tests to you something bigger, than just sympathy, it is possible, having attentively looked narrowly at his behavior.


1. The person in love will use any opportunity to spend time with you. If you notice that someone pays you more attention, than usually, then it is possible, such behavior is a consequence of sincere affection for you.

2. Pay attention to how the person treats you. If you feel care and tenderness from its party, then think of in what the reason of such relation is. Often people try to achieve thus your arrangement, pursuing the personal interests. The person who is sincerely loving you does all this gratuitously, proceeding only from the desire to please you.

3. It is possible to draw a conclusion that the person is not indifferent to you if your requests do not remain unnoticed and ignored. As a rule, when you love someone, you try to satisfy any request, even the most insignificant.

4. Learn from your mutual friends whether the behavior of the person interesting you when you are absent changes. Most often in the company of a subject to lamentation the lover experiences strong emotions. At all it is shown differently: someone begins to be nervous, without allowing to tell the interlocutor words, someone, on the contrary, becomes reserved and is silent throughout all conversation.

5. The look can be too sign by which it is possible to determine how the person treats you. Pay attention to pupils. If the person is not indifferent to you, then their size will be increased. Many people are confused and look away when they have a tender affection.

6. If the person constantly calls you, looks for a reason for a meeting, then, most likely, he is in love. However various courtesies, for example, presentation of flowers, it is not always necessary to regard as an indicator of the validity of feelings of the donator. Unfortunately, the words "I love you" cannot be the guarantor of the real feeling too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team