How to learn not to be nervous?

How to learn not to be nervous?

All know such expression: ""All diseases from nerves"". This is true. The excessive expense of nervous cages generates a stress and a depression. The depression and a stress, in turn, lower organism resilience, lower immunity. Chain reaction turns out - you are irritated, are nervous, feel breakdown and can normally make as a result of nothing at work, houses, life loses paints...

How to learn not to be nervous?

To learn not to react at all to external irritants it is impossible, you should spend not one year for work on yourself to learn to be quiet as yogas. But how to learn not to be nervous on trifles? The main thing, it is necessary to understand - it is impossible to be constantly in tension, it leads to negative processes in our organism.

Possible ways to calm down

There are several ways not to be nervous.

If you got into a difficult life situation, you cannot find any peace, cannot calm down what it is necessary, to make not to be nervous?

Remember these expressions and you tell them to yourself constantly:

  • ""Everything will pass...""
  • ""And it will pass!""
  • ""Everything will be good!""
  • ""God does not give tests with which we would not cope""
  • ""Everything that becomes, all - to the best""
  • ""And whether to me it will be important in a year, through two, in 10 years?""

How not to be nervous before examination?

In this situation you need to present result. What will be if you do not hand over? Everything is really so terrible? You are repressed or shot? What you so are afraid of?

If you are irritated when you see certain people and talk to them. In this situation you need to stop a conversation and to begin to consider mentally about itself from 0 to 50. It is necessary that fire in you completely went out. Consider until you are able quietly, adequately to behave and talk.

How not to be nervous before a performance?

To force itself not to be nervous before any performance or a concert - the most difficult stage in work on the nerves. Each person gets out of this situation differently. Some, for example, hold in hand a paper clip, and in the course of the performance, bend and unbend it. Others represent that there are some in audience and any living soul does not see them. And the most effective way not to be nervous when a large number of people looks at you - as often as possible to address large audience. The you will be more often it to do, the quicker will come to a conclusion that it not only not an occasion to be nervous, but also receiving great pleasure.

How not to be nervous at work?

The main most of people are nervous at work when they talk to the management. If at you the voice and hands begins to shiver, you cannot cope with yourself at a conversation with the chief - present it... sitting in a toilet. At once it will become easier for you, the main thing, do not laugh.

If you are nervous because of the events which are taking place at work you need to present that you already at home, in house-shoes and a dressing gown, have tea and watch the good movie. You can also think of the forthcoming pleasant event - a holiday, a trip, purchase... What to do if any of the above methods does not help?

If you applied on yourself these above methods and nothing helped you. You continue to exhaust yourself, flash at the first opportunity and cannot react reasonably to various life situations, so to you best of all to address the psychotherapist as you will not cope with your nerves any more. You should not show independence and ""to play the doctor"", it is not necessary to take any soothing medicines, many of them cause narcological dependence. Consult to the doctor, he will tell you whether you should spend on drink in general some drugs or enough few times to talk to the psychotherapist.

In conclusion it should be noted that in order that the nobility how to learn not to be nervous, you need to define situation consequences. Mentally rise above the ground and look down on this situation. Is it grandiose, large-scale and serious to spend for it our nervous cages? Health - is invaluable.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team