How to learn patience?

How to learn patience?

This quality of character is considered by right one of the greatest virtues. Patient people achieve success in business, love and the relations with people. They are able to keep cool in the most difficult situations, so they have more chances to find a way out of them. Those who wants to know how it is possible to learn patience should not stock up and to expect this patience fast result.

How it is possible to learn patience and restraint?

First of all it is necessary to realize that the problem is and as soon as understanding of it comes, also opportunities for correction of a situation will appear. Very often impatience is result of unfulfilled expectations. Therefore we cease to demand what they cannot give us from the relatives, and we begin to be content with what is. That who looks for the answer to a question: As it is possible to learn patience and restraint in conflict situations when you are ready to begin to boil as a teapot, it is possible to use one of following councils:

  • at the time of the highest emotional pressure try to count to 10, thus having constrained themselves at midpoint and not having been rude with the opponent. As practice shows, many praised after that themselves and nearly regretted that they restrained. Some are helped by a prayer. If you know any of them, then read it;
  • those who is interested as it is possible to learn patience and tranquility should understand that the lack of endurance is an indicator of lack of force and even if you want, mind. If you do not want to pass for mentally unhealthy person, at the same time to keep reputation, the person and to learn patience in the relations, try to switch consciousness to other object of attention somehow. You carry in a pocket beads or any other subject which you will be able to touch a minute of sincere nervousness.

And the best is to try to look at a situation from outside: as your face a minute of anger and then desire to answer the offender with the same is terrible will pass by itself.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team