How to learn surname history

How to learn surname history

Our name is what accompanies us all life. And a surname – belonging to a sort, communication with parents. Most of us know only the immediate family – parents, brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers. But studying the family tree will help to understand family history, to learn about the roots, to find out emergence of a surname.


1. For a start talk to the parents. Ask them that they know about the senior relatives. Often in families there are stories about far ancestors passing from father to son. Perhaps, to you will have the luck, and you already at this stage learn everything about the surname. At the same time it is possible to begin to make patrimonial tree. It is carried out in the form of the scheme. In the center place yourself, near yourself the spouse, and on the beam proceeding from your couple – your children. It is similarly necessary to continue and in the opposite direction. It is possible to find ready programs for drawing up a family tree in the Internet.

2. But if parents or other relatives do not possess the necessary information how to learn surname history? Visit of library or city archive will become the following step. We will be interested in documents or notes about got married, and also data on the birth and death. It is necessary to spend on it a lot of time and forces. Choose the most distant (proceeding from date of birth) the relative about whom it was succeeded to learn from family, and begin to look for about him any information. For certain there will be some traces – notes about a wedding in the local newspaper, diplomas for progress in work, school albums. As soon as you learn about parents of the person interesting you, begin to look for information on them. Be not surprised if surnames of relatives slightly change, you also look for such changes.

3. To get to the truth, you should spend searching very long time. However it is possible to address experts who will prompt to you how to learn surname history, and will help with this hard business. It is possible even to order investigation entirely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team