How to learn that the girl is pregnant

How to learn that the girl is pregnant

When you meet girls, there are many questions which want to be explained. Can tell you about pregnancy, pursuing the mercenary aims. Or, on the contrary, to hold back pregnancy if you are not the real father. But there are signs of pregnancy which will help you to understand an events essence.


1. That the woman is pregnant, tells lack of periods. However signs of change can appear earlier, the organism instantly begins to react to occurring in change. Before the stomach begins to grow, at the woman bulks up and the breast begins to increase. On the first weeks of pregnancy it is possible to make quite exact analysis by special test which is on sale in all drugstores, the pregnancy definition test now.

2. On the second month of pregnancy there can be nausea and feeling sick which happens quite often. At the woman appears insuperable desires of some special products. Sometimes it are salty products, but there can sometimes be fruit or another, depending on in what the organism, and is more right even already two organisms, need. Pay attention to a breast of your girl, it has to be rounded during this period because hormones began to prepare an organism already for motherhood.

3. The stomach appears usually considerably later. At first forms will be more roundish, and only on the 4th or 5th month considerably to be rounded the stomach. But it will grow quickly only at the end of pregnancy.

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