How to learn that the girl - the virgin

How to learn that the girl - the virgin

There is a certain type of men who prefer that their girl was innocent. However to define it, being guided by only one observation, quite not easy, and the soulmate can also not hurry to tell the truth. Nevertheless, to guess that before you the virgin, nevertheless is possible.

1. Pay attention to how the girl in communication behaves. There is an opinion that virgins – are much more modest. At a conversation with the man they often redden, not always at once find a common language, provide an initiative to guys. And still not always it is a strong indication: some girls specially behave in a different way to be pleasant to the satellite.

2. Try to start a conversation about the previous relations with the girl. Take an interest whether she had men to you, what is the time it met, etc. Usually virgins try to avoid a similar talk and answer questions muffledly. Sometimes they even compose love stories, however if desired it is possible to find a lot of far-fetched in them and even naive.

3. Look at how the girl if you try to touch her behaves, to embrace or kiss. The inexperienced and innocent girl behaves at such moments is held very down and it means that earlier she kept out men of herself too close.

4. Suggest the girl to spend evening at you or at her home (if you meet already some time) and look at her reaction. If she is a virgin, then can be frightened of such offer. If she nevertheless agreed, try to pass to more intimate caress – during a kiss touch her breast, you run hands over her body, etc. Even if earlier the girl behaved quite usually, she can begin to show noticeable awkwardness and even specially to stop you. It can say about her innocence again.

5. Address friends and the girl's girlfriends if you well know them, and ask them about whether she had somebody to you or not. Usually such information is not hidden and if you make not them a good impression, friends of the girl will tell about it the truth to help your relations.

6. Suggest the girl to have directly sex if you meet already quite long time. Tell that you have to her feelings and you want to become even closer. If you are also pleasant to her, and the moment is right, hardly she will refuse. However, if before at the girl was nobody, she nevertheless can admit it as experiences strong nervousness before such important point.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team