How to learn to be pleasant to guys

How to learn to be pleasant to guys

How to learn to be pleasant to guys? This question haunts many girls, especially if they cannot brag of dazzling external data. But, following several simple rules, practically any girl it is possible to draw attention and the interest of the stronger sex with success.


1. Your appearance in total – the make-up, a hairstyle, clothes, footwear, accessories, - has to emphasize favourably the dignity of the person and a figure and also as much as possible to hide shortcomings. Certainly, at the same time it is very important to observe "golden mean", avoiding even a hint on vulgarity! You remember: you should awaken the interest of the guy, but not to frighten off it, or (that it is even worse) to create idea of the lightness easy for availability. What gets easily, as a rule, not too and is appreciated.

2. So, for example, trying to emphasize elasticity of a breast or symmetry of legs, refrain from too deep cuts or miniskirts. Leave to guys "scope" for imaginations! Try not to use lipstick or varnish of too saturated, "shouting" flowers, avoid too bright make-up. The old wise rule "Everything Is Good Moderately" has to become your motto.

3. The unisex style needs to be deleted resolutely from your life (at least temporarily). Even if you still preferred it.

4. Learn to get into conversation with guys, to support a conversation. Remember: very important and what you speak about, and as you speak. Certainly, nobody demands that you faultlessly understood especially men's subjects, like soccer, the equipment, cars. But though some idea of it should be had. Otherwise, you can easily get into an awkward situation, having blurted out not that. And do not try to gossip at all! "About the, about women's" you have much a good long talk with girlfriends.

5. Try to refrain also from causeless laughter during the conversation, alas, it is peculiar to many girls who even are not guessing as ridiculously they look from outside! Remember: vast majority of guys hate such snickers, including them at best manifestation of coquetry, and in the worst – nonsense.

6. Remember that any sane guy who thought of the serious relations with the girl subconsciously tries to understand: and whether she will be a good wife and mother? "the good wife" means a concept for the vast majority of men: "kind", "understanding", "careful". These qualities it is more important for them, than bright, effective appearance! Behave so that at guys an impression was made that you kind, understanding and careful. Then you hardly should complain of a lack of male attention! And some well-cared whimsical beauty, watching jaundiced leave you and your gentleman, for certain will vainly puzzle over a question: "Well, than she is better than me?"

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team