How to learn to enjoy life?

How to learn to enjoy life?

Human life, each person on Earth is an invaluable gift. Unfortunately, very often forget about it, turning the life into a chain of sad and sad days. How to break off this vicious circle? How to learn to enjoy life, despite everything? How to begin to live and enjoy life, accepting everything how is?

Actually, the ability to enjoy life can be developed in itself the same as also other skills develop. However, there are exceptions. For example, in rare instances the person cannot experience positive emotions because of violations in a brain, or owing to the long use of some types of drugs. Some diseases also lead to long depressions. Of course, in such situations the qualified medical care is required. But in other cases each person can independently change the life. To independently find the way how to learn to enjoy life, the universal formula of happiness does not exist. But there is a wisdom which is saved up for centuries and still there is a whole science devoted to this question. And all this knowledge will become the assistant and the conductor for everyone who wants to learn how to learn to love and enjoy life. Both in the past and in the present the researchers of a human soul pay special attention to the following factors influencing perception of life.

  1. Feeling of inferiority

All know of an inferiority complex. The person imposes himself an ideal image to which he has to correspond, and then long and painfully suffers as he most often sees only the imperfection, in comparison with the thought-up ideal. The complexity is that formation of an ideal happens in the deep childhood, at the level of subconsciousness. Consciously to accept itself with all merits and demerits, it is necessary long and to work hard. But the result is worth it. To really love life and people around only the one who really loves himself can.

  1. Control and condemnation

Even it is difficult to present the destructive power of desire to control all events. Condemnation and attempt to change the world around and people according to own outlook, results in internal devastation, to disappearance of harmony, and besides, to denial of own personality. Disposal of aspiration to control events, the family, friends, and itself, brings disposal of world around criticism, of emphasis on negative, and then there is an opportunity to see great aspects of life.

And, therefore, the second way how to learn to enjoy life is to accept life in all its variety. To find positive sides in everything. To accept the family with all shortcomings. Simply, every time when there is desire to show discontent, it is necessary to look for a way to change the attitude to the events. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to change not the relation, but a situation, but it is necessary to do it without internal condemnation.

  1. Lack of internal development

As soon as personal growth stops life turns into survival. It is not always notable at the material level. But in soul the feeling of dissatisfaction, vague alarm appears. Therefore it is never impossible to stop in personal development. Limits to perfection do not exist, and having even achieved material benefits it is impossible to forget about spiritual development. If life turned into continuous run around, then it is necessary to stop and to analyze in what sphere it would be interesting to you to prove. Personal growth leads to realization of internal potential and is one of the best ways how to start enjoying over again life.

  1. Emphasis on the past or the future

Each person in thoughts has an internal dialogue which very seldom stops. Internal dialogue is the veil weaved from thoughts of the past and the future, hiding the present. In modern psychology, one of the most effective ways how to learn to enjoy life, the ability to live in the present is. Even at treatment of severe forms of a depression this method is used. To live here and now, having left the past and having trusted in the future. Here and now to look around, without estimating that is good and what is bad. To look and feel life as it pulses in each sound, in each sigh. To feel with all the heart the present moment, the whole world will not want to embrace yet. This feeling arises when internal dialogue ceases, and beauty reveals every moment. Incessantly it is necessary to ask itself a question: "Where I? When I?" and to answer: "I here and now". The ability to enjoy life in many respects depends on this skill.

  1. Lack of energy

Sometimes troubles and an implementation failure so absorb the person that there is neither left force, nor desire to change something. How to force itself to enjoy life in that case? For a start it is necessary to increase the level of vital energy. There is a lot of literature, devoted to the matter, it is necessary just to choose from all options the most acceptable in a specific case and to start action. It can be both power practicians, and physical exercises, or transition to healthy nutrition. As soon as to raise the level of vital energy, to appear and force to move further, to finding of internal happiness.

Ancient wise men claim that life is an invaluable gift. And everyone has to dispose of this gift so that there was no regret left that at the end of the way there was only a gratitude per every day that it was lived, for each sigh that it was granted. And having directed all the thoughts and actions to this purpose, the result will exceed expectations. Life will bring joy, not sometime and not somewhere again, and here and now, every moment.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team