How to learn to give compliments

How to learn to give compliments

The compliment is one of the easiest and reliable ways to force the person to smile. It not only gives joy and sets good mood for all day, but also raises a self-assessment of the person who received it in the address.


1. Compliments can be paid to all, using this opportunity in almost any provided case if your behavior is not beyond public norms. The compliment is always exaggeration therefore it is necessary to be careful when choosing suitable words. So, for example, you should not call the mature woman the young beauty. She can regard your compliment as a smile at its respectable age.

2. Compliments have to be bright and memorable, at the same time rather short and clever. It is possible to determine by their contents as far as you are brought up, observant and whether you have good taste. The compliment should not be banal and boring. You have to emphasize with the given compliment identity of the person, mark out his most remarkable lines. This some kind of verbal work of art - exclusive, unique and disarming.

3. Support a compliment with arguments. For example, you say: "You are suited by this blouse". The compliment looks incomplete. It is possible to add that this blouse perfectly is in harmony with color of eyes. Compliments have to be filled with specifics, but not some abstract judgments. So, the phrase sounds much more pleasantly: "You have magnificent legs, and in these smart boots they look three times as much more perfectly", than a phrase: "You look remarkably".

4. Be more inventive. A huge number of flatter words is told about female legs, eyes, lips - it is already banal and uninteresting. Try to praise shoulders, clavicles, knees, the line of a chin. In a word, do not limit yourself. Present to the woman new feelings and self-confidence.

5. But do not forget that best is oftentimes the enemy of the good. Do not allow people to get used quickly to warm words, in the near future for them your compliments will be as something understood, to them will cease to rejoice and perceive them seriously. Remember that the spoon is good by a lunch. You should not be scattered by compliments to the right and on the left.

6. You give good, a positive and great mood to people, deriving from it pleasure. There is nothing better than a smile of the person who to you is not indifferent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team