How to learn to kiss

How to learn to kiss

You waited for this moment so much, so often did not sleep at night, representing as your lips will adjoin in the first kiss, and here when it occurs, everything is not such iridescent as describe in books. It depends on many factors, including on that, how well you are able to kiss.

It is required to you

  • guy;
  • girl;


1. Some advise to learn to kiss on tomatoes. But whether he will tell you whether such touches will be pleasant to your partner. First of all, try to relax, present darling and to kiss. To learn as far as that, or other touch is pleasant, it is possible touching with lips or language the wrist during the trainings.

2. Persons interested to learn to kiss should know that there are several types of kisses. They differ on depth and intensity. The kiss of friends caressing, exciting and passionate Caressing – a kiss when lips one partner caresses a lip of another. Caress mutual and it is necessary to kiss lips alternately, connecting light touches of language to lips. Exciting – deeper when partners caress with circular motions each other languages, suck them and so on. Passionate kisses do not need the description – everything occurs by itself.

3. It is very important that you had clean teeth, fresh breath if you gather for an appointment. A habit to brush teeth after meal, to use the chewing gums refreshing with lollipops which, by the way, can give to your kisses juicy smack. Oral cavity care includes not only toothbrushing, but also the surfaces of gums, cheeks and especially language. That in the morning your breath was fresh, it is necessary to clean teeth and a mouth properly in the evening.

4. Noses at kisses will not disturb if the head to incline a little aside. Having learned to kiss, you will absolutely forget about this small inconvenience.

5. That your kiss did not cause at the girl unpleasant feelings because of excess office of saliva at you during contact, drink several drinks of cold water.

6. In a kiss not only the equipment, but also sincerity is important. If you do not want to kiss actually, then it is better not to do it with a great effort. Your conventional attitude can offend the partner. Do you remember sensuality and tenderness, how to learn to kiss if to show to the partner coldness, roughness or indifference? Correctly, in any way.

7. The first kiss should not be deep and passionate, it can push away and frighten the partner. The kiss has to be gentle, superficial, slow your partner has to have a feeling that you it is excited and too enjoy a kiss.

8. The situation in which you kiss matters too. Whether there will be it a cabin of a public toilet or romantically arranged living room. Think in what atmosphere it will be more pleasant to your partner to appear.

9. Touch the partner, stroke, a neck, an ear, shoulders, a back.

10. Add a variety to a kiss. Touch by noses slightly, suck language and lips at a kiss.

11. You pay quietly compliments on an ear.

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