How to learn to love itself?

How to learn to love itself?

We often criticize ourselves and we are dissatisfied with ourselves, isn't that so? And still - we are afraid not to please someone. But we live at all not to meet others expectations and to spend the time for useless experiences. We should live life, do what is pleasant, to derive pleasure from everything that happens to us. To act this way - to mean to show to itself love and respect. But, alas - we almost to it are not capable. We do not know how it is necessary to love correctly himself how to begin to respect itself and to care for ourselves. Because got used to behave differently.

Here what we usually do:

  • we feel guilty - in an occasion or without it;
  • constantly we think of the shortcomings, misses, failures;
  • we complain and stay in confidence that not in our forces to change the life to the best;
  • we go having stooped, we keep it is held down and we do not notice the sad or angry look;
  • looking in a mirror, we see only defects in the appearance and we do not pay attention to its advantages;
  • and having heard a compliment, we are lost and even we try to justify ourselves.

So should not be! It is necessary to change immediately such attitude towards itself for opposite.

How to learn to love itself?

Very simply. The main thing is to realize that came it is time to change. If this understanding came, begin to act. There are many ways to show to themselves love, but before we address them - do not forget that it is impossible to change at once. It is impossible to rise one morning and to feel unknown love for itself. Especially if in the head long time negative thoughts turned. Therefore kind of your mind resisted - do not give in on its tricks and every day do for yourself something good. If you want to learn to love yourself, anyhow?

And how to begin to love itself?

  1. You praise yourself. Not once, and not two, but every time as you remember it - it is possible to love and praise himself, and in it there is nothing bad.
  2. Look after yourself. We care for the house in which we live. Our body deserves attention too, it is the house too, and in it there lives our soul. Take care in how you feed the body, you please it with the movement, you give it rest. Choose for yourself some exercises which are pleasant to you and do them with pleasure.
  3. Look for support. Ask for the help, allow others to help you. It is not weakness. To rely only on itself, to become exhausted and be angry when nothing leaves - unless it is sign of the strong person?
  4. You give yourself gifts. Indulge yourself, it is very useful! We indulge and we present those whom we love. Why not to do the same and for itself?
  5. Allocate several hours a week for hobbies. It can be anything. Drawing, acceptance of aromatic bathtubs or just morning luxury in a warm bed on the day off - give yourself pleasure and you will feel how it is pleasant to do it for itself, darling!

As you can see, to learn to love itself it is possible and it is very simple. It is necessary to do simple and pleasant things, to derive from them pleasure and to cease to torment itself with a remorse. You are right, and these your experiences - they are wrong.

And therefore begin to love yourself right now, do not wait when you it become worthy. You got used to condemn and criticize yourself is nothing, develop a new habit.

And not to forget how it - to feel like darling - be guided by these rules:

  • arrange yourself pauses of pleasant spontaneous rest;
  • buy to yourself what is wanted and not that is cheaper;
  • cook for yourself food which is loved by you, but not your members of household;
  • you find time for yourself and surely use it;
  • you pay yourself compliments;
  • joyfully and with pleasure accept compliments from people around, and gifts too;
  • looking in a mirror, speak - "And God gave such beauty!".


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team