How to learn to love the guy

How to learn to love the guy

Lyubov is capable to change the world and to change reality. But it is necessary to be able to show the feeling and to care for the loved one so that to construct with it the long relations.


1. That everything developed, get used to create balance between that quantity of love which you give with that which you accept. It will be your subjective feeling and for this purpose will not use the calculator. Estimate whether you are happy and your partner. Any obvious discrepancies are pernicious for the relations. If he cares and worries, and you is lazy allow to love yourself, such relations will not be long. If you suffer and sacrifice much, then your feelings can end earlier, than your patience: it becomes just boring for often young man with too compliant partner.

2. It is easier to love the person who is interesting personally to you. Wise men who are often quoted, say that all people are also unusual to the uncommon person. Learn more about the guy, perhaps, you will find in him qualities which are worthy admiration. Perhaps he from the first salary bought a gift to mother of which she since the childhood dreamed? Perhaps it always stops to help the person with a trouble? What you will learn about the guy more, it will be easier for that to fall in love with him.

3. Learn to forgive what it is possible to close eyes to. In serious close relations the ability to forgive is a basis. The main thing is not to collect offenses. Do not allow strangers to interfere with the relations and to establish what is correct. Here a lot of things depend on feeling of loving.

4. In advance establish borders of permitted and formulate for yourself: behind this side you do not forgive. For one girl the violence, for another – alcoholism is inadmissible. It is necessary to inform at early stages of the relations the guy the expectations. Unworthy your love will be eliminated right at the beginning. If you want love and look for the answer to a question how to fall in love, so soon in your life the true love will appear. And you will be ready to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team