How to learn whether the girl loves you

How to learn whether the girl loves you

At love not only the behavior changes, but also new nonverbal signals appear. Accidental touches, expanded pupils, acceleration of a timbre of the speech show sincere interest the young man.

To understand what the girl has feelings to the young man, happens very difficult. If you want to learn about its feelings, then it is worth plunging into the world of psychology a little. Will help to slightly open the mystery of female emotions to you: • behavioural factors; • nonverbal signs;

  • speech.

How on behavior to understand that the girl is in love?

She tries to spend much time with the beloved. At the same time close people notice that she eats a little, to her becomes necessary less than time to get enough sleep. If her young man likes any style in clothes, then it is ready to change completely the image, to overcome the fears only to become closer to it As at a condition of love the level of pheromones increases, it is possible to notice that it begins to be pleasant not only to you, but also other men.

Nonverbal signs

1. At communication with the young the person it begins to touch you more often. It can be not only a conscious activity, but also accidental. 2. Especially at first it is possible to notice that at communication the girl begins to smile more often, she accelerates a speech timbre. 3. If in a conversation personal or intimate subjects are touched, then on a face the redness or lungs a flush.4 appears. In the course of communication pay attention that it begins "to otzerkalivat" gestures of the partner. 5. At contact with the partner, pupils considerably extend. It demonstrates to sexual interest and to nervousness.6. The woman in love does not look away from men, but as soon as their eyes meet, at once confusedly takes away them.

What do girls in love speak about?

First of all, they want to know everything about the young man therefore they are sincerely concerned that, how was your day, what occurred at work or on study. At the same time she will never tell you about other men. If she begins to share the sexual experience, so she sees in you the friend. Loving couples can speak for hours by phone, them always interestingly together therefore subjects for a talk are without any problem. The girl in love rejoices to any trifles, is not irritated because of serious problems and if you quarrel, will try to smooth the conflict at once. Thus, love can be seen, without using great efforts. Gloss in eyes, nervousness at a meeting, desire to spend much time nearby – are those signs which are shown at people irrespective of age. Also you remember, to make the girl happy only reciprocal feelings will be able. Dare to be also her happy!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team