How to learn whether the guy has still a girl

How to learn whether the guy has still a girl

One of the most terrible horrors of any girl is a treason of darling. What to do if doubt grain after all is seeded in your soul? Of course, to ask the simplest exit. However not each girl decides on similar. Often it occurs when the relations still not really strong, and you are afraid to destroy them by doubts. So, if you absolutely not for long together also suspect that the guy has one more girl, then it is simple more attentively look narrowly at him.

  • You need a little patience and also a little logicians and observations.

1. First, study its page in social networks. Possibly, your competitor will prove somehow there. Pay special attention to the column ""marital status"". It is worth pricking up the ears if in it everything is specified ""difficult" ", " "there is a girl"", ""is married"". Look at the photos located on its page and also record on a wall. If in photos and in records only one girl prevails, then it is an occasion to think.

2. Show consideration for telephone negotiations and SMS messages. If during phone call the young man feels is held down at your presence or in general throws off a call, then it is one of signs of existence of other girl. Also it is worth pricking up the ears if the guy conducts long SMS correspondence, without devoting you in its essence.

3. Get acquainted with his friends. If the young man does not want to present you to the company, then it is an occasion to be upset. Or he not too seriously concerns you, or is afraid to be caught. Besides, the unwillingness to visit together with you public popular places can become one more reason for frustration: cafe, clubs or movie theaters. The young man can just be afraid that you will be seen together by someone from his acquaintances.

4. If the guy hides something, then he will surely show it in a sign language. Remember that liars are afraid to look in the face and also often have sweaty palms. Quite often they negatively react to your inquiries or at once try to change the subject.

5. Irregular spontaneous meetings can become one more reason for doubts. If time passes, and you still meet only occasionally or never planned joint rest, the young man means it is not absolutely honest with you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team