How to learn whether the guy loves you

How to learn whether the guy loves you

Probably, each girl wants to be sure that the guy really loves her. However to ask similar questions directly – action tactless and often inappropriate. And the guy can is banal to be ashamed to tell about the feelings.

1. Attentively listen to what is told by the guy and as he behaves. It is worth referring tenderness and heat in words to the first sign of love. Here the situation when the young man tries not to use foul language enters or somehow in a different way to show aggression if you are nearby.

2. To learn whether the guy loves you, it is possible according to his plans. If he constantly speaks about the future and sees you near himself, then it is already much costs. Also the guy can tell about the dreams or any purposes which he wants to reach. If at them there are you, then he for certain fallen in love.

3. To signs of love it is possible to refer constant attention to your person. The guy can be interested in all your hobbies, is constant ask about your affairs and also pay huge attention to trifles.

4. Special attention should be paid to a look. If it is filled with tenderness, care and also practically never becomes angry, kind of badly you did not behave, then this young man for certain wants to construct with you the relations. Special attention needs to be paid to a look at those moments when you remain alone.

5. Man really in love will do everything possible to help the chosen. He will come to the rescue of you in any situation. He will visit every day you if you get sick. He will try to please you in any situation if only just to see your smile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team