How to learn whether you are pleasant to the boy

How to learn whether you are pleasant to the boy

Manifestation of sympathy at teenage age — a difficult step on which not all guys and girls can decide. Most often it happens because of diffidence and the appeal. Having read article, it will be possible to learn about signs of sympathy which will help to distinguish it from the guy, and to the girl to show reciprocal courtesies. Councils of psychologists will be prompted how to avoid the most frequent mistakes in communication of teenagers.

What girls are pleasant to boys

If to speak about ideal types of girls, then among school students of teenage age attractive contemporaries enjoy the greatest popularity.

They watch the appearance:

  • they have accurate, well-groomed hair, perhaps, even painted according to fashion trends;
  • the manicure, as a rule, drawing attention in the color or the applied image;
  • make-up by means of which teenage girls try to hide skin shortcomings;
  • bright and attractive clothes.

However not all guys like exclusively nice schoolmates, many pay attention and to self-assured girls. They often are leaders in a class, actively participate in various actions, are relaxed and sociable.

Whether you know? Experiments in the choice of a hairstyle and make-up will help to pick up your ideal image and, certainly, will draw attention of guys.

If to speak about qualities of girls which attract guys then it is possible to allocate the following:

  • sports figure. The positive relation to sport, visit of sections and lack of excess weight significantly affect appeal;
  • own I am confidence in the style, perhaps, even informal, can also interest adherents and will help to reveal features of character and hobbies;
  • the lack of bad habits and manners as explanation by means of obscene language will not decorate the young person in any way and will even frighten off possible admirers;
  • hobbies and hobbies will help to expand a circle of acquaintances and also develop more harmonious and interesting personality, communication with whom can draw attention of guys.

How to learn that you are pleasant to the boy

Manifestation of sympathy at schoolmates can happen according to different scenarios:

  1. Pleasant and lovely relations with gifts, manifestation of attention, courting and care. The guy and the girl can think much to each other, look for communication, spend much time together.
  2. There is also an alternative method when manifestation of sympathy happens in more aggressive manner and represents mockery, trolling, pulling for braids, collecting of things, etc.

Manifestation of feelings significantly differs depending on age features:

  • in 11–12 years — guys did not find confidence yet therefore manifestation of sympathy can be expressed as jokes, footboards, pushes which can externally be treated as hatred. Guys prefer to show the importance and the importance, openly neglecting girls. This behavior is characteristic of many, but not of all therefore only the open conversation or its desire to show feelings in more clear look will help to find out real sympathy;
  • in 13–14 years — during this period the guys still hesitate to show the feelings, however they are less aggressive, and attentive observation of their behavior will help to distinguish desire to communicate. They can approach and be interested in doing homework, how there passed days off or vacation, it will be pleasant to them to render small service, to give a notebook, to install the new application on phone or to carry a portfolio. The mimicry and gestures will also be more informative: the looked-away, awkward pause, confusion, a warm and attentive look. During this period the guys in love can sharply change image to be pleasant to the girl: they can begin to wear more elegant clothes, to change a hairstyle, to begin to use perfume and at the same time to monitor reaction of the girl to these changes;
  • in 15 years — modern guys can show the sympathy in various ways: courtings and demonstration of love become more open and obvious, they can make, in their opinion, heroic acts for drawing attention, can invite girls to appointments, give gifts, etc.

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Modern communication is not limited only to personal and visual contact, teenagers spend a large number of time on social networks and personal correspondence.

How to define sympathy, communicating on the Internet, by SMS, in a chat, Viber and the Telegram, will prompt the following councils:

  • frequent contact: the guy writes, just to greet, wish kind morning or good night, to share news or to take an interest, how was your day;
  • prompt reply: it often answers immediately your message and tries to develop dialogue for further communication;
  • messages are interesting: answers to your questions not dry and terse, the guy is interested in your relation to a situation;
  • flirtation: using a variety of stickers and smilies in messengers, the guy tries to play and draw attention;
  • communication is not limited to one attractive message.

Whether you know? The person in a condition of love is inclined to see only positive traits of character in the elect, exaggerating strengths and his importance.

If the contact between the guy and the girl happens in social networks, then his interest can be distinguished on the following signs:

  • positive reviews and estimates under your photos and posts, however it is worth checking whether he behaves also with all attractive girls;
  • his interest is shown throughout a long time, but not 1–2 days;
  • if you responded to his positive comment, it supports communication;
  • the guy can look through not only fresh photos, but also earlier publications;
  • he adds you as a friend.

How to show that it is pleasant to you

The girl can show the sympathy for the guy one of such ways:

  • to show it the interest: it can be, for example, a faint and friendly smile if you are not familiar;
  • to praise it or to give a compliment to its new image or a hairstyle, however it is worth doing it unostentatiously;
  • to show support, it can be a conflict situation in family or trouble at school;
  • to try to be near it, for example, to sit down in the dining room or during the excursion trip nearby, but it should not turn into prosecution;
  • the open and cheerful behavior, sincere laughter, the good-natured relation will help to draw its attention;
  • you can try to learn about its interests and to support communication on fascinating subjects, for example, soccer or computer games.

Important! Guys love optimists, cheerful and cheerful girls with whom it is possible to have fun and joke.

Other signs of sympathy

Psychologists allocate several nonverbal, that is not stated by words, ways of how the person is capable to express the sympathy:

  1. The guy can often appear near you, will not turn a back. Its mimicry can become similar on yours. It often corrects clothes, a hairstyle and straightens a back at emergence you.
  2. During communication the guy will try to give the fallen notebook or to find other occasion to touch, even accidentally.
  3. If you often try to catch on yourself its eyes or between you there is a visual contact, it can be confirmation of sympathy.
  4. During the conversation the guy can tell stories in which he in one way or another extols and eulogizes itself, showing the advantages and merits. Also he can start conversations with other girls, occasionally, darting a glance at your reaction.
  5. Wishing to show the sympathy, the guy can tell that he is also fond or interested in a hobby of the girl who was pleasant to it.

Additional signs:

  • confusion and reddening at appearance of the girl;
  • nervousness and zapinaniye during communication;
  • jokes in its address;
  • departure of notes, playful messages and the invitation to correspondence;
  • statement of compliments.

What mistakes should be avoided

Councils of experienced psychologists, mainly, come down to the fact that:

  • it is necessary to be natural in behavior and to sincerely show feelings;
  • if it is not possible to find out the guy's relation on indirect signs, and his personality attracts you, it is better to try to take the first step and to talk openly to it, perhaps, he also hesitates to make the movement to you towards;
  • you should not think out the tale of the guy in love if he only asked you, how are you, or you caught on yourself his eye. It is worth looking narrowly more attentively, perhaps, it was the accident or he treats you just kindly;
  • it is not necessary to discuss the sympathies with girlfriends if they are really sincere. Such behavior can frighten off the guy, and he will not want to show to you the sympathy;
  • it is better not to tell at every turn about those courtesies and gifts which you received from the guy as this very personal and can hurt its tender feelings;
  • if there were doubts and there is a wish to share experiences, then it is better to address mother, the grandmother or the sister. They more skilled will also help council.

Important! You should not be upset if the sympathy from your party did not find a response or you cannot reciprocate reciprocity tender feelings of the guy. The main thing is to tell honestly about the feelings, it will bring less disappointments.

The school period — time of manifestation of the first sympathies which can develop into love or just friendship. Teenagers are not able to speak openly about the feelings and often express the interest gestures, a mimicry and behavior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team