How to learn whether you are pleasant to the girl?

How to learn whether you are pleasant to the girl?

Many guys are afraid to hear refusal of the girl therefore the topic how to define whether you are pleasant to the girl or not, is hot and popular. Even, in spite of the fact that all people different, and everyone can express in own way sympathy, it is possible to mark out some general signs which were defined thanks to numerous experiments and observations.

How to learn whether you are pleasant to the girl?

For a long time not a secret that about the person it is possible to find a lot of interesting and useful information, just watching his behavior. Nonverbal signs will help to define the real attitude of the girl towards the specific guy.

How also you are pleasant to define to the girl:

  1. Look in eyes, not for nothing say that eyes – a window to the soul. Besides flirting, girls often use the look to show interest. In case the pleasant lady tries to catch a look longer usually looks fool in the face, so it is possible not to doubt that the sympathy is present. Scientists established that usually between people the visual contact lasts 3 sec. and if there is a sympathy, then time doubles. One more sign of sympathy connected with eyes – expanded pupils.
  2. Many girls even do not suspect that when they like the guy they at the subconscious level begin to correct the hairstyle. Saying about how to define whether you are pleasant to the familiar or unfamiliar girl, it is necessary to mention such widespread signal as a game with curls, for example, many like to wind a tip of hair on a finger.
  3. The biting of a lower lip or its licking belongs to bright nonverbal signals. Besides, the girl often smiles to the object of adoration.
  4. About sympathy it is possible to judge also by position of a body of the interlocutor. If the girl sits, having developed to the guy, so she listens carefully to him and feels interest. When someone is pleasant to the girl, she tries not to look away from an object and at any opportunity, she reduces the existing distance. Besides, the woman directs to it a sock of the shoe.
  5. Finding out how to check whether you are pleasant to the girl, it is worth talking also about behavior of the potential darling. Can tell unostentatious touches about much, for example she, often puts a hand on a shoulder or tries to remove a mote or a thread. Still the girl can squeeze a hand during the conversation, etc.
  6. In a conversation it is also possible to pay attention to some signals speaking about sympathy. First of all it concerns her attentiveness to everything told. Still note how the darling treats jokes. If the guy is interesting to the girl, then she will ask him different questions to find as much as possible information on his life.
  7. The most certain way is to begin to look after the girl, for example, to present her flowers, to invite to dance or to an appointment. If the answer positive, so doubts about feelings do not have to arise.

Interests many how to learn whether it are pleasant to the girl on correspondence. Here everything is much simpler as if the woman takes a liking, then she will try to write as often as possible messages, showing an initiative. Besides, it is worth paying attention to the text that is in what mood messages what message in them is put, etc. are written. In case the girl does not show interest, then she will not answer even for maintenance of a conversation. Finally to cut all doubts, just invite her to a real meeting and if the answer is affirmative, so interest is present and it is possible to pass to active actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team