How to learn whether you have true friends

How to learn whether you have true friends

In human life there can come the moment when he thinks of that and if it has friends. If you are tormented by doubts that your friends sincerely treat you, carry out the analysis of your relations with them.

Who such friend

Friendship – one of the finest forms of the human relations. Close to you on spirit the people do your life more interesting, fuller. They will come to the rescue at a difficult moment or will give a piece of good advice.

However persons can occur among people whom you consider as the friends, it is not absolutely sincere and honest to you adjusted. Such individuals use people around in own purposes. Besides, you can also be mistaken about into that, the relations with any given person, how close at you.

To understand a situation, first of all you need to define for yourself a word meaning "friendship". Think what you expect from people close to you. Pick up several qualities which true friends have to possess. Try to describe relationship which exists between friends.

List of friends

Now look whether the reality around you meets your expectations of friendship. If among your familiar there is a person whose portrait approaches under the description of the friend, analyze yours with it the relations. Remember whether supported you this person in a difficult or unclear situation, whether rose on your party if necessary. Think, how strongly this individual is interested in you whether he asks on what occurs in your life. Sort out whether you share intimate thoughts with your friend, whether you share some ideas with each other. People who have no common ground at all will hardly be able to be friends. Therefore think whether you have general hobbies, interests, tastes, the purposes or the principles.

True friend

Remember that the true friend will not begin to criticize you just like that. Specially try to lower a self-assessment of people around and at the expense of it the persons who are only negatively adjusted to you ego-trip. At the same time the true companion will frankly answer your question concerning your new hairstyle or clothes. If you are interested in his opinion, be sure: he will not tell lies. It is possible to rely on such person. The true friend highly appreciates truthfulness in the relations enough. Define as far as to you interestingly together whether often you see each other. Without maintenance of the relations the people can move away from each other. And then the yesterday's companion becomes just familiar. Think whether there were such cases when your friend neglected your society for the sake of someone else. There is a separate category of people which keeps so-called friends in store. And if it sprains something more interesting, they remorselessly throw the companions. You steer clear of such manipulators if you do not want you to be used.

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