How to learn why the guy does not kiss the girl

How to learn why the guy does not kiss the girl

Kisses for many girls – pleasant and very important part of the relations. Long kisses near the moon or fast, at apartment doors, at parting – such gestures allow women to feel favourite and desired. But there are situations when the relations are, but the guy for some reason does not hurry to kiss the girl.

Modest person

To pass fear from walks by hands to kisses it is inherent mostly in teenagers. If to you for thirteen-fifteen years, it is hardly necessary to worry because of the similar relation. Nevertheless kiss at such age - it is very responsible event. If your young man is much more senior, it does not mean too that he does not worry and everything is not afraid to spoil, in particular if he has not enough experience. You want to correct a situation – just softly take the initiative and kiss the young man of the first.

Is afraid to frighten off

Perhaps, the guy considers that you do not want the same, as he, and is afraid of you to frighten of the persistence. Therefore he will drive you on appointments, to give flowers, to try to recognize you closer, to summon trust and to wait. There is a probability that earlier it had a certain injuring experience connected with this action – for example, the girl who was pleasant to it after the first kiss reported that she treats it as to the friend. Obvious signals of you will help it to understand that you not against. Put to it the head on a shoulder during viewing the movie, you look in his eyes, gently take by hand and embrace, and the man will guess that you pro.

He does not like to kiss

The arrangement and sensitivity of erogenous zones at people differs. Certainly, lips and language are those for many men and women, however there is a chance that you got the guy whom kisses do not excite at all. Moreover, similar actions can cause even disgust. It is in this situation better not to show persistence: the corporal contact has to be pleasant for both participants of process. You should solve whether you can live without kisses on the lips or find it replacement. If similar manifestations of feelings are extremely important for you, it is better to leave the young man.

You not his girl

The young man regularly invites you in cafe, movie theaters and to walks on the city, he embraces you for shoulders, gives smacking kiss in a cheek and a forehead, shares the jacket when you freeze with pleasure, but for some reason does not hurry to kiss on the lips. If it is not the first appointments, and the similar relations last long enough, think and whether he considers you the girl? Perhaps, you for it the girlfriend with whom to have a good time which he appreciates and for which cares, but the romantic relations plans to build with another. The informal conversation or an unostentatious question of whether somebody is pleasant to it, will help you to solve this dilemma.

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