How to learn with whom the husband changes

How to learn with whom the husband changes

Men often are polygamous therefore treason from their party - is more rule, than an exception. If you suspected the beloved of incorrectness, you will be able to learn who his mistress, having attentively looked narrowly at his environment.


1. Pay attention to fellow workers. Very often men start office romances. To learn about presence of the competitor in office of the spouse, just come there to the moment of the termination of working hours. If your beloved has communications with one of the women serving in his firm, most likely, after work they will leave the room together. Even if you will see the husband with the girl, leaving office, do not hurry to snatch on them with scandal and hysterics as, perhaps, she really is just his colleague.

2. Visit the page of your spouse on social networks. Look, maybe, in the list of his friends there was a girl unfamiliar to you who puts to it likes on photos and the statuses or writes comments. Any active manifestation of attention from other woman - a reason for suspicion of incorrectness of your beloved with it. Besides, if you manage to use the laptop or the husband's computer, check, in some browsers for the sake of convenience the guys keep logins and passwords from accounts in social networks. If on will of a case you manage to enter on the website from its page, you can safely check correspondence, look through private gifts and any other, earlier hidden from you information.

3. Try to ask for the husband for the period of his cell phone. There it is possible to find unknown mobile numbers, calls or even messages. You should not make at once on unfamiliar contacts phone calls of your spouse. Just rewrite all suspicious data in the phone or on the sheet of paper and only when is not at home the husband, you can begin to act. At first, not to be mistaken and to call any friend of the beloved, buy other sim card and call on any given number just to listen to a voice of the interlocutor. If it belongs to the man, can hang up a receiver (if you, of course, have no suspicions that your man - the bisexual) if you hear that you were answered by the woman, talk to it further.

4. That the person himself told you all information on himself, be presented by the representative of one of the companies of cellular communication and report that you conduct sociological survey about qualities of work of the different mobile companies for the purpose of correcting of work of that type of communication which representative you are. Tell that survey is conducted not free of charge, and all subscribers participating in it receive some reward on balance of mobile. If to you very much carries and the victim will be rather silly, it with pleasure will accept your offer and will tell you all the data, beginning from a surname, a name and a middle name and finishing with marital status, presence of children and the residential address. Only do not forget to finish a conversation, politely say goodbye to the girl.

5. When you receive the address of the alleged mistress, can observe some time her house, perhaps, you will be able to see the incorrect man there.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team