How to leave a love triangle

How to leave a love triangle

The love triangle is considered an unstable ""love figure"". Usually he breaks up through quite short time after education. But if you see that your situation dragged on, it is time to work.


1. Organize decision-making by that party which in a triangle is ""disputable"". If it is the man, he has to make a choice. If it is the woman, she is obliged to be defined too. The relations ""for three"" are in most cases doomed to a failure. And the quicker they will collapse, the better for all.

2. Do not make the decision if you in a triangle two. Neither the mistress, nor the wife can make the decision for the man. They have to induce him to make a choice, but not to impose the decisions. If, say, the wife forces the husband to remain with it, and they will not solve problems which led to his attempt of flight, the love triangle will arise again.

3. Do not blackmail. Blackmail is a kind of aggression and pressure. The relations created by means of blackmail live even less, than a love triangle. Choosing blackmail as an exit method from a love triangle, you aggravate, but do not solve a problem.

4. You converse in an open and frank manner. Instead of ultimatums and threats use straight talks. It is more difficult to speak to women in this question because men avoid about the relations. But a love triangle – a situation when it is necessary get to talking the person. It is important to you to understand from what problems and where your man runs.

5. You leave when the love ""for three"" dragged on. If that party of a triangle for which there is a competition cannot make the decision, leave. The initiator of creation of a triangle the weak, indecisive personality becomes more often. Such person can long live in a situation of uncertainty and torment people around. If it is your case, run carelessly. You are worthy true love, but not problem. And you the first have to fall in love with yourself and not be exchanged for love triangles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team