How to leave adequately

How to leave adequately

Quarrels, offenses, misunderstanding... Approaching the critical moment, the relations can reach a deadlock. And then couple (or someone one of couple) makes the decision: it is better to leave. But to finish the relations with advantage it is necessary to be able still, it is not so simple.

1. If only one came to the decision to leave, it is necessary to talk surely and to other person. Softly propose to it the solution, look at its reaction. But even in case of mutual consent the conversation is necessary.

2. Quietly and structurally talk with each other. Explain what reasons led you to the decision to leave. Discuss whether there are on the relation to each other any offenses, claims, requirements. Try to understand the partner. Get up to the place of other person. Present that you would feel on its place, kind of behaved.

3. Reformulate offenses and claims in problems which need to be solved. For example, if you take offense at the husband that he throws you with the child, put a problem about need of the help from his party. Agree than and as it will help you, it will be how frequent to you to come, etc.

4. Remember that parting is a big stress for an organism since the established habits are broken. In this regard you can be alarmed, concern, causeless irritability. In such cases do not accuse the former half of these problems. Be sure: he (she) tests the same. Use standard methods of fight against a stress and the increased uneasiness: physical and breathing exercises, derivation of attention to interesting occupation, the calming herbs. Control the state. At first after parting support each other, to both of you it is heavy now.

5. If you decided to continue communication with each other, despite destruction of your couple, discuss in advance to what borders it is worth adhering in communication on what subjects it is better not to start a conversation. Otherwise you can "break", and then yours, once not successful any more, the relations can return on old rails. There is a chance that it will help you to approach anew, and both of you will only be glad to it. But exists as well probability that the relations will turn into psychological dependence from each other, without love. But you do not need such dependence, so?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team