How to leave from unloved

How to leave from unloved

It happens so that two live happily, and after time the woman understands that she stopped loving the spouse or the common-law husband. In that case it is necessary to leave from unloved and to start new life with a clean slate.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens so that the marriages concluded on love break up from the fact that the woman ceased to love the husband. Or there is it that the lady consciously lives a civil marriage or marries the unloved person for the sake of material benefits, but over time understands that so it is impossible to live.

Of course, it is very heavy to live with the person in whom a lot of things irritate, at the same time it is necessary to prepare for him, to erase and to go to bed, of course, together. If further accommodation with unloved is a burden before dispersing, it is necessary to understand itself.

How to understand whether there was a love?

Psychologists advise to understand to the person themselves before taking a serious step. It is possible if initially the love was, it was just transformed. Became quieter, passions died away, and the husband understood that the woman will not get to anywhere, and ceased to take the care. Or there came the crisis period which happens on the first, third and seventh year of joint life. Before leaving from the second half, it is necessary to understand firmly that the love passed also it not to return. For this purpose it is possible to check itself thus: it is necessary to present that the husband left, and it is very far, and the lady was left one, without him. What she has feelings? If heart began to press, and there was no wish even to imagine life without it, the love means it is alive and it still can be reanimated. If, having presented absence of the husband, the woman felt sense of relief, so it is necessary to disperse and not to spend the life for the person to whom there are no feelings and emotions. Two can reanimate love only, at mutual desire. A talk "heart-to-heart" is for this purpose necessary. It is necessary to tell the second half everything that disturbs the woman why she does not feel love and care from the husband, a lot of things can be settled together. However sometimes there is also other scenario when the woman lived with the beloved, and he was the house tyrant or the alcoholic. It "killed" with the acts love and to live with it became just intolerable. In such situation it is necessary to run, without looking back and to save the life and life of children if they are.

How to decide on a gap

First of all, it is necessary to prepare "a financial pillow". It is very good if the woman works and has the savings. In that case it will be much simpler to leave. You should not despair and forget that all problems are solvable, it is necessary just to make efforts and not to lose self-confidence. First of all, it is necessary to think of a housing question, having solved it, it will be possible to arrange life by the rules. Women who have no place to live can return to parents, other relatives or the girlfriend temporarily. And to begin to look for the housing. The housewives who devoted life to the family and the husband who are not coming from a student's bench to work need to think of the activity. Perhaps, it is necessary to finish professional courses or to improve the skills before taking steps to new life. Having paved the way, having accumulated some savings, it is possible to begin to make plans for new life.

Leaving – leave

Having made the hard decision, it is necessary to move forward only. You should not come back to the person out of pity or because there is no place and there is nothing to live. All these questions will be settled and will be resolved over time. The aspiration to change the life and to find worthy and darling has to be big. The woman deserves to be happy, favourite and desired. And nobody will be able to change life for the person, except him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team