How to leave the guy, without having hurt him

How to leave the guy, without having hurt him

You more often began to catch yourself on a thought that your relations reached a deadlock, in them you do not see any new round. He not and absolutely at the wrong time took you by hand, he just awfully eats ice cream, and flowers which he presented you... better at all would not give. It is unlikely in such relations it is possible to inhale life. Just you stopped loving it. Option one – you need to leave. But as to make it, without having hurt it, it is not guilty of anything. Most likely, not hurt it will turn out at all, but it is necessary to minimize it.


1. The most important, absolutely definitely solve for yourself that this final decision, and you will not change the mind.

2. Do not do it by phone at all. So you will not just hurt it, you will break his heart.

3. It is necessary to talk to it honestly and openly. Language is given us to talk. Quietly explain to it that for all it will be better to stop now until everything went too far. Tell it that it has no big shortcomings and to change to it there is nothing at all, just like that it happened that fire in your heart went out. Let it know that further continuation of the relations threatens only with quarrels, and it will not be able to change it because the reason not in it, and in you.

4. Out of sight, out of mind. Try to disappear from his life sharply, change the phone number, do not appear in those places where you can meet. It not forever, for some time that it could be forgotten a little.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team